Extra-Curricular Activities At Halcyon London International School

Extra-Curricular Activities


At Halcyon, we recognise that nurturing students’ passions and interests is the key to their engagement in the classroom.

Our students have a varied list of options to engage in before, after, and during school. Our Extra-Curricular Activities also include options aimed at bolstering all our students’ university applications, providing further choices to engage in community service, to build civic skills, to explore specific career-related programmes, and to be creative or active.

We also encourage our students to design, promote and run their own clubs, nurturing their trust in us and actively encouraging them to hold responsibility for their choices in education. Secure in the knowledge that Halcyon advocates for their individual interests, our students are happy and motivated to learn.

Model United Nations

Halcyon is proud to host a passionate and active Model United Nations team. Our young diplomats brought their analytical and debating skills, and awareness of global issues to international conferences such as MUNISH (Model United Nations at the International School of the Hague). During our last trip to MUNISH, Boet and Stella (Grade 10) were nominated as two of 17 ‘Best Delegates’ – an incredible achievement, given that over 1200 students attended the event. Our mixed-grade MUN team enjoys the considerable responsibility of hosting Halcyon’s annual student-led MUN Conference. Handling visitor invitations, organising resolution topics and welcoming guest speakers, the MUN team enjoys the challenge of debating and sharing knowledge with visitors from local independent and state schools across this two-day event.

Sports Success

In their Spring 2020 inter-school tournament, the Senior Boys’ Football Team won four out of five of their group games! Omar (Grade 12) came second for Player of the Tournament, and Halcyon won the Sportsmanship trophy. Halcyon is proud to maintain an excellent reputation for fair play.

The Senior Girls’ Football team equally delivered a fantastic performance throughout the tournament, reaching the final and placing second overall. Alba (Grade 12) received the Player of the Tournament Award, demonstrating sportsmanship, teamwork and excellence to our local school community.

Athletics Programme


Co-ed Cross Country
Boys’ Football
Girls’ Football
Boys’ Volleyball
Girls’ Volleyball


Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Co-ed Swimming
Co-ed Table Tennis


Co-ed Tennis
Co-ed Track and Field

List of Extra-Curriculars, 2021/2022

Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA)
Architecture Club
Ambassadors Club
Badminton Club
Cities for Children
Coding Club
Debate Club
Dungeons & Dragons
Eco Committee
Global Issues Network Club (GIN)
Grade 6-7 Mathematics Challenge and Competition
Grade 8-10 Mathematics Challenge and Competition
Mixed Grade 6-8 Football Club
Grade 9-12 Girls Football Club
Grade 9-12 Boys Football Club
Halcyonite Magazine
Knitting and Crochet Club
Table Tennis
Running Club

Extra-Curricular Activities

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Exam Prep
Law Society
Mathematics Team
Medics Club
Model United Nations
Scholars Program

Many more co-curricular/extra-curricular activities and sports are offered to students through our Explorations programme, a timetabled slot in the week dedicated to our students’ pursuit of their interests and curiosities.

Super-Curricular Activities

Visit our school

Our admissions team will provide you with an in-depth insight into our thriving international school environment, the IB Programmes, our Extra-Curricular Activities, our Wellbeing Programme, and Explorations. You can visit our school virtually, or come to London and meet us on campus. At our Open Houses, you will meet our Director, Barry Mansfield, who will deliver a presentation on Halcyon’s mission, curriculum, facilities, and more. Our Student Ambassadors will take you on a tour of Halcyon’s building as teachers deliver classes. A Q&A session with our Director and Admissions Director will follow.

“We thought it was wonderful to have the students’ perspective on the curriculum and school life… thank you for your invitation to join Halcyon London International School’s virtual open house – we loved your 360º approach to education. We also loved to listen to the brilliant student testimonial and her true commitment to the school and education in general.” – Review from an Open House attendee