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Why support Halcyon?

Our funders are central to creating extraordinary learning experiences for our students. We are extremely grateful to all those who have supported the expansion of the educational experiences we offer to young people.

Halcyon, like so many educational institutions before it, was founded by philanthropists. These people cared about ensuring that the best education was made available at Halcyon, underpinned by a set of abiding principles: innovation, collaboration, and community. Since its foundation in 2013, the School has created a vibrant and diverse community, where people from different backgrounds can build their self-confidence and have their ideas valued in an atmosphere of respect, inquiry, and tolerance.

The Bursary Programme: central to our educational mission

Integral to the International Baccalaureate (IB), we have created an environment where communication and collaboration is encouraged.

It is fundamental to our mission that we take every step to support our students in developing interpersonal competencies; learning to navigate dynamic, multicultural environments and obtaining skills which they can take with them into their future personal and professional lives.

Since the beginning of Halcyon’s journey in 2013, we have now started to establish ourselves and build our reputation as one of the international school destinations in London – but our ambitions do not stop there. We want to expand and enhance our offering, whilst continuing to deliver a high-quality educational experience for all our students.

Types of Giving

Our community fulfils Halcyon’s mission of drawing out the unique potential of each student by celebrating every individual and their achievements. It is our pleasure to share these updates with our funders – and it is truly special to be able to be a part of the unique journeys that these young people take, through any of the donation types below.

General Fund

For supporters who are happy to contribute to our mission by providing unrestricted funding for key projects that improve, enhance, and enable the ongoing Halcyon experience, this Fund goes towards projects under the themes of sport, exploration, and digital – all of which benefit current and future students during each financial year. It also goes towards building reserves for future projects and ambitions.

Meet Grace: a former bursary student at Halcyon

Grace, a former bursary student, graduated in 2018, and is now at California Baptist University in the USA studying Political Science and Business.

“Attending Halcyon allowed me to grow academically and helped me develop a unique perspective of the world and walk into my first year of university with confidence.

Halcyon was an incredible blessing, and it would not have been possible for me without the generosity of the bursary programme.”

The Bursary Programme

Halcyon aims to nurture a socially, culturally, and economically diverse community that reflects the global world in which we live. We also believe that all young people should have the opportunity to benefit from a pioneering education that will shape their future. Our bursary programme provides access to our ‘life-readying’ education for any eligible student regardless of personal circumstances.

Since 2015, and in large part thanks to the support of our community, our bursary programme has been available to any new, eligible applicant in Grades 6-12, providing up to 100% financial support and defined by external means-testing. Halcyon demonstrates its commitment to this Bursary Programme by making its own annual contribution that increases as the School’s population grows.

Although this programme – and our school – is less than a decade old, our bursary students have already shared that this opportunity has had a transformative impact on their lives, enabling them to thrive as part of our community whilst at Halcyon, and then go on to do extraordinary things.

Becoming a Halcyon Supporter

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If you can make a regular gift, it allows you to donate a larger gift over instalments, giving us a chance to make better medium-to-long term strategic planning
If you are a UK taxpayer, we can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid on top of your donation at no extra charge to you. Please complete the relevant section on the form.

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For those US taxpayers, who wish to make tax-deductible contributions, please donate via the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF). The BSUF is a charitable foundation recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. If you are making a gift from other countries overseas, we can send you the IBAN and SWIFTBIC numbers for a bank transfer (please email or you can donate by credit card via the secure online facility above.

Many companies help charities through a matched giving scheme. Some will match pound for pound, and others will double-match any donations that its employees make. Please check with your HR department to see whether your company operates such a scheme.

A legacy bequest to Halcyon could be one of the most significant gifts you can make. All bequests, of whatever type and size will make an enormous impact on the School and its students for generations to come. For more information on legacy giving, please email:

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Our admissions team will provide you with an in-depth insight into our thriving international school environment, the IB Programmes, and our enriched curriculum. You can visit our school virtually, or come to London and meet us on campus.