Digital Learning Technologies | Halcyon International School London

Digital Leadership

Halcyon is considered a leader in the use of education technology to support teaching and learning.

– Good Schools Guide

Digital Leadership at Halcyon

We use technology intentionally and transformatively – not as an afterthought. Our utilisation of digital tools is targeted, curriculum-oriented and research-led, and drives a thoughtful, forward-looking and reflective approach to pedagogy across our team.

Our integration of EdTech into learning is a key part of Halcyon’s curriculum, facilitating students’ cultivation of the IB Learner Profile skills.

Our Digital Learning leader acts as a supportive resource for other members of our teaching team, who deploy tools to accelerate students’ learning. This member of our Senior Leadership Team worths within a wide network of EdTech specialists to be at the forefront of the cutting-edge technology that our students will access in the classroom. Being connected to these online networks of innovators, as an EdTech 50 school, spurs Halcyon’s team to reflect constantly on how we can develop an outstanding learning experience for our students.

Preparing for a digital world

We are preparing our students for a world where intuitive, dynamic device use is already integrated into our society – including in our own workplaces. Our students are actively supported – through our PSHE curriculum and one-to-one mentoring – to manage their device use as a core part of maintaining their own wellbeing.

Our students’ development of self-management skills will assist their growth into future-ready global citizens.

Bringing the curriculum to life

EdTech provides teachers with flexibility and adaptability in the way they teach their subjects – in science and mathematics, for example, modelling applications can be used to engage students in a holistic understanding of the laws of logic. Integrating EdTech into lessons provides students with an unmatched range of peer-to-peer collaboration tools as well as a variety of ways to present and organise research; this benefits a range of subjects from the arts to the humanities.

Visual Arts

Halcyon’s use of EdTech is aimed at amplifying learning where possible, by expanding students’ capacity to rethink and develop their ideas. This aim is dynamically realised across the visual arts curriculum. Students have independent opportunities to ‘blend tools’ – to use a mix of material paint and paper tools with digital devices. Students can create their oil paint masterpieces and review them in an instant through the use of an iPad editing programme, adding digital modifications and rearranging compositions to challenge the limits of their own creativity.


Mathematics brings Halcyon’s students to engage with structures and patterns through algebra, geometry, and data science – to name a few. Visual modelling aids can be instrumental in students’ engagement with this MYP and DP subject. Grade 8’s use of VR headsets to craft and explore their architectural creations helped them gain a new perspective on the vitally important applications of geometry. Take some time to explore their eco-friendly building designs. Education technology is dynamically incorporated into all subjects across our curriculum.

Physical & Health Education

In Physical Health Education, we offer our students more than sport and exercise provision: we empower them to comprehensively understand and take charge of their health.

Supplying students with fitbits to record and analyse information on the impact of their nutrition and daily exercise is a way of using EdTech to amplify students’ capacity for self-driven, accountable learning.


In Design, our Grade 8 students deployed their creative skills to develop their own ‘Game of Halcyon’ – an exciting way for new students to get to know our wonderful school. Students used the app Book Creator for their projects, developing board games with different questions about our teachers, classrooms, and programmes on different coloured tiles.