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Individuals and Societies

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Languages and Literature

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Middle Years Programme

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Diploma Programme

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Subject Overview |

Middle Years Programme to Diploma Programme

Middle Years Programme
Grade 6-10

Group 1 – Language and Literature

English (G6-10)
OR Mother Tongue Language (G10)

Group 2 – Language Acquisition

ONE Subject from:
Spanish (G6-10)
Mandarin (G6-10)

English Plus (G6-9)

Group 3 – Individuals and Societies

Integrated Humanities (G6-9)
History (G10 Option)
Geography (G10 Option)
Economics (G10 Option)

Group 4 – Sciences

Integrated Sciences (G6-9)
Biology (G10 Option)
Physics (G10 Option)
Environmental Science (G10 Option)
Chemistry (G10 Option)

Group 5 – Mathematics

Mathematics (G6-8)
Standard Mathematics (G9-10)
Extended Mathematics (G9-10)

Group 6 – Arts

Integrated Arts (G6-9)
Music (G10 Option)
Visual Arts (G10 Option)
Drama (G10 Option)

Group 7 – Design

Design (G6-10)

Group 8 – Physical and Health Education (G6-10)

The Core: mandatory components

Personal Learning (G6-9)
Personal Project (G10)
Service Learning (G6-10)
Explorations (G6-10)

Diploma Programme
Grade 11-12

HL = Higher Level
SL = Standard Level

Students choose ONE subject from each group, 1 – 6.

Group 1: Language and Literature

English A Language & Literature SL/HL
English A Literature SL/HL
Spanish A Language & Literature SL/HL
Spanish A Literature SL/HL
French A Language & Literature SL/HL
Mother Tongue Language A SL/HL

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Spanish B SL/HL
Spanish ab initio SL
Mandarin ab initio SL
French B SL/HL
Mandarin B SL/HL*

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Geography HL/SL
History HL/SL
Economics HL/SL
Environmental Systems & Societies/ESS SL
Business Management HL/SL (online)**
Psychology HL/SL (online)
Information Technology SL (online)

Group 4: Sciences

Biology HL/SL
Chemistry HL/SL
Physics HL/SL
Environmental Systems and Societies/ESS HL/SL

Group 5: Mathematics

Analysis and Approaches HL/SL
Applications and Interpretations HL/SL

Group 6: Arts

Theatre HL/SL
Music HL/SL
Visual Arts HL/SL
OR: a second subject from Groups 1-4

The Core: mandatory components

Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay
Creativity, Activity, Service

*Our provision of this course is flexible, dependent on students demands.

**We offer our students a more extensive range of courses based on individual request through Pamoja’s online services, which carry an additional fee.

Open Mornings

Experience Halcyon at one of our Open Houses on campus, or one of our Virtual Open Houses.

At our Open Houses on campus, you will meet our Director, Barry Mansfield, who will deliver a presentation on Halcyon’s mission, curriculum, subjects, facilities and more. Our Student Ambassadors will take you on a tour of Halcyon’s building, and you will have the opportunity to ask our teachers questions as they deliver their scheduled lessons to their students. A Q&A session with our Director and Admissions Director will follow.