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IB MYP (Middle Years Programme)

IB MYP Introduction

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides a framework of learning that emphasizes intellectual challenge and encourages connections between traditional subject-based studies and the real world. The MYP focuses on “learning how to learn” through the systematic development of skills for communication, collaboration, organization, self-management, reflection, research, informational literacy, media literacy, creative and critical thinking, and transfer of learning. Real-world contexts and applications are crucial to this approach. It also fosters intercultural understanding and global engagement – essential qualities for young people today.

At Halcyon, we offer an innovative, creative and academic MYP that meets the unique needs of every child.

IB MYP Student Profile: Leo, Grade 9

“I think that the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme) at Halcyon really brings out the best in everybody. Teachers provide us with great resources and they’ll do their best to challenge you – and if you need support, they’ll find out how to help you too. My fellow students are really great to work with too. The revolutions unit in Individuals and Societies has been my favourite so far – the way we learned about political history really made us consider a lot of different perspectives, so everyones’ views were broadened. I take part in the Robotics Programme, which is an extra challenge in my timetable, and I’m using my technical skills to prepare for competitions.”

Middle Years Programme
Grade 6-10

Group 1 – Language and Literature

English (G6-10)
OR Mother Tongue Language (G10)

Group 2 – Language Acquisition

ONE Subject from:
Spanish (G6-10)
Mandarin (G6-10)

English Plus (G6-9)

Group 3 – Individuals and Societies

Integrated Humanities (G6-9)
History (G10 Option)
Geography (G10 Option)
Economics (G10 Option)

Group 4 – Sciences

Integrated Sciences (G6-9)
Biology (G10 Option)
Physics (G10 Option)
Environmental Science (G10 Option)
Chemistry (G10 Option)

Group 5 – Mathematics

Mathematics (G6-8)
Standard Mathematics (G9-10)
Extended Mathematics (G9-10)

Group 6 – Arts

Integrated Arts (G6-9)
Music (G10 Option)
Visual Arts (G10 Option)
Drama (G10 Option)

Group 7 – Design

Design (G6-10)

Group 8 – Physical and Health Education (G6-10)

The Core: mandatory components

Personal Learning (G6-9)
Personal Project (G10)
Service Learning (G6-10)
Explorations (G6-10)

Middle Years Programme Timetables

MYP students study a holistic, integrated and interdisciplinary programme of Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Science, Mathematics, Design, Physical and Health Education, and the Arts – a rotating programme of Music, Visual Arts and Theatre Arts. In Grade 10, students can personalise their programme in preparation for the Diploma Programme, allowing a greater focus on areas of interest. You can download this example Grade 6 timetable as a PDF below.

Programme Model & Interdisciplinary Units

The MYP framework requires students to use interdisciplinary skills in a real-world context through the core of the programme.

Interdisciplinary units in the MYP Programme encourage students to use perspectives from different disciplines to explore complex questions. Students may use their coding skills, taught in Design, to build an online, interactive, version of literary criticism developed in their English class, and statistical mathematical models may be used to resolve questions in economics or physics, for example.

The IB MYP Core

The Core: Service as Action

‘Service as Action’ is a central element of the MYP, requiring students to design, organise and undertake a community project. This process also includes a reflection to give students an opportunity to consider how to improve these skills for their future service projects.

The Core: Personal Project

The Grade 10 Personal Project demands that students produce a completed item (be it video, clothing, design and so on) and a 3500-word reflective report as the result of an independent research process, linked to one of the six IB ‘Global Contexts’. Recent examples of Personal Projects have focused on designing an online language programme to teach Latin; writing an iBook about how to live sustainably; and creating and building a remote-controlled plane. Halcyon’s Personal Learning Programme prepares students for this exciting journey of enquiry from Grade 6.

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