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Engaged by Halcyon

Our children are just finishing their first term here, and are flourishing from the personalized attention – being listened to, challenged, and among friends. And I feel much the same, as a parent; the Halcyon community is active and welcoming.

– Halcyon parent, 2019

Introduction to Student Life

Life at Halcyon

“In the words of a student, ‘We are treated with great respect and we want to show the same attitudes to teachers.’ Students, like their parents, see the school as remarkable in the way it harnesses their strengths and interests and maximises their potential.” – NEASC, 2018

Halcyon is a thriving international community that values every voice and every aspiration. A range of vibrant extra-curricular opportunities and an integrated social and emotional learning programme nurtures our students to shape their own learning and fulfil their own unique potential.

From participating in our football teams to planning a conference in our ‘Eco-Summit’ Exploration option, our students are always challenged to pursue their interests and grow as creative, collaborative communicators who show leadership in our school community.

Student life updates

A Student View

Saveliy came to Halcyon from a UK boarding school to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, an internationally-minded, broad, curriculum that is highly valued by universities.

While Saveliy had the option of studying the Diploma Programme at his boarding school, he attended one of our Open Houses and decided that our international, forward-thinking culture would provide him with a stronger learning environment. We spoke to Saveliy over a year after he joined Halcyon. Reflecting on the time he has spent here, he explained that Halcyon encouraged him to grow in ways he had not thought about before. Coming to a diverse international school where “everybody is different” means that every student has the opportunity to “learn different perspectives”, and nobody feels out of place at any time in the school day.

Saveliy highlighted our teachers as a key part of what makes Halcyon so special. “The teachers really value and care about students at Halcyon – this is much more than a job to them.” He shared with us moments when teachers took their own time to provide feedback and words of encouragement, and explained how the teachers, just as much as their students, form a “non-judgemental community” where everyone is encouraged to share their views, use their voice, lead and collaborate.

Student life: Student profile

Extra-Curriculars and Explorations

“School activities are clearly driven to allow students to explore the unfamiliar, consider a range of perspectives and take informed risks.” – NEASC, 2018

Our Extra-Curricular Activities, Personal Learning Programme and Explorations Programme engage students to explore their interests and become investigative, passionate inquirers, hosting a variety of options from LAMDA to Medics Club, aimed at nurturing students’ aspirations beyond Halcyon.

Explorations are unique to Halcyon: two-hour periods on Wednesday afternoons dedicated to allowing our Grade 6-10 students to explore a selection of 34 learning journeys ranging from Archaeology to Robotics and Horse-Riding.

From Grade 6, our students are encouraged to discover their passions through our Personal Learning programme, a key part of our curriculum. The protected, timetabled, sessions for our Grade 6-9 students lead them to learn and practice the skills of project management, which is fundamental for success across the IB.

Student Community Leadership

“Halcyon is a school where every child is respected and learns to respect.” – Halcyon Parent Questionnaire, 2019

At Halcyon, we engage students by advocating for their voice in our community.

Through integrating the ideas of our students into Halcyon’s day-to-day school life, building pro-social skills and attitudes through our Wellbeing Programme and nurturing a supportive international environment, we ensure that every student has the confidence to use their voice in the classroom and build a lifelong bond with our community.

Case Study: Student Council

To empower our students to be active, curious, and driven participants in their own learning, we intentionally integrate student voice into school life.

Our Student Council – formed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Student Voice Ambassador – is an elected body that works with students to incorporate positive change into student life and learning.

This participation is pioneering and authentic: our students participate in all teacher interview panels; they engage with teachers to co-create elements of the curriculum; and they have moments – such as our student-led Model United Nations Conference – when they decide how the school day will operate.

Building our Community


Wellbeing at Halcyon is more than a pastoral care programme.

Our Student Wellbeing Team supports our students to explore the complex social and emotional challenges of adolescence, and gain a greater understanding of themselves. Wellbeing helps them to develop a toolbox of skills – fostering agency and self-regulation – to enable them to navigate the world successfully.

Mother Tongue and English Plus

Creating a vibrant international environment, where every student’s voice is heard, is part of Halcyon’s mission. Our Mother Tongue Programme celebrates and provides an opportunity for, students’ many different languages. Our English Plus programme empowers non-native English speakers to become connected, curious and skilled communicators. Both programmes enrich our community and our classrooms.

Open Mornings

At our Open Houses, you will meet our Director, Barry Mansfield, who will deliver a presentation on Halcyon’s mission, curriculum, facilities, and more. Our Student Ambassadors will take you on a tour of Halcyon’s building as teachers deliver classes. A Q&A session with our Director and Admissions Director will follow.