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Starting a new school is an important step in your family’s journey – and whether you are certain of your plans or assessing a range of possibilities amidst changing circumstances, we are ready to provide you with as much guidance and information as you need.

At Halcyon, we are inspired to explore the world around us: to learn, to grow, and to approach the future as knowledgeable, open-minded individuals who are prepared to make a difference. We develop aspirations through investigation; through discovering our unique potential and pursuing new knowledge every day through the vibrant life and learning of our community.

We understand that choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions that your family will make: we look forward to helping you find out how joining Halcyon’s community could lead your child to fulfil their unique potential as a global citizen with a powerful aptitude to communicate, collaborate, and lead others.

Ready for a challenge?

“Results are impressive and leavers’ destinations reflect this.” – Good Schools Guide, 2023

Halcyon welcomes students who are prepared to embark on a challenging programme of learning to discover their unique potential. It is important to us that we are the right fit for your family.

We are transparent about the kind of learner that thrives in Halcyon’s pioneering, self-directed, and rigorous International Baccalaureate learning environment.

We expect our students to demonstrate:

1. strong academic performance, as determined by school reports/transcripts/references and, if necessary, an indicative assessment at Halcyon.

2. good intrapersonal skills; self-discipline and a curious, independent sense of inquiry.

3. good interpersonal skills; the ability to collaborate effectively with peers and adults and to build positive social connections.

4. positive engagement with extra- or co-curricular activities.

5. personal engagement with activities which support the community.

6. sufficient English language proficiency to access learning. The school reserves the right not to admit applicants whose command of English would not allow them to access the curriculum and have a reasonable opportunity for success.

Applicants for whom there has not been a full, accurate, disclosure of educational records, including all previous psychological/educational testing, will not be considered for admission.


We accept applications throughout the school year, dependent on space in each grade. Throughout the Admissions process, Halcyon’s Director and Admissions Committee will get to know your family on an individual basis.

As we review your application, we will aim to demonstrate the holistic, thoughtful and balanced approach to decision-making that we expect from our students.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Parents are requested to complete an application form and arrange payment for the £300 application fee (per student).
We ask that applicants submit a completed student questionnaire, followed by the submission of two (G6 – 8) or three (G9 and above) academic years reports, transcripts and teacher references. If an applicant has any additional reports, for example, an educational psychologist report, or a medical needs report, these should be shared with us at this stage.
We will review the range of documents and references that you provide as a whole, aiming to achieve a fair and objective understanding of your child’s approach to learning. This evaluation is made collaboratively by the Admissions Committee, which includes our Director. All applicants who demonstrate they meet our admissions criteria will be offered an informal interview with our Director.

Notification of a decision will be made shortly after your child’s interview.

Supporting Families

Our community ensures every Halcyon student receives a warm welcome, at school and beyond.

We offer families and students access to our Halcyon Buddy Programme, Halcyon Parent Community events, our English Plus and Mother Tongue Programmes, University and Careers Counselling support and Learning Support.

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Bursary Programme

Admissions Bursaries serve new entrants to the school, where a place has been offered and Parents are unable to fully fund the school fees themselves.

Each student to whom support is offered must, in the opinion of the Admissions Director and the Director, possess the potential to take full advantage of Halcyon’s approach to education.

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Please contact The Admissions Team.

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Open Events

Our Open House events feature a presentation from our Director on our International Baccalaureate curriculum, Explorations Programme, Wellbeing Programme and more. Our student ambassadors will be present to answer your questions and explore our campus with you.