Meet the Team

Senior Leadership

Barry Mansfield (Director)

Toby Cann (PSHEE, Student Wellbeing Leader)
Joanne Cooper (IBDP Coordinator, Mathematics)
Lori Fritz (IBMYP Coordinator, Physics, Science)
Stacy Marshall (Learning Systems Coordinator)
Jon Neale (Digital Learning Leader)
Maria Rosengren (Admissions Director)
Bejal Shah (HR and Compliance Manager)
Jon Taylor (Finance & Operations Director)
Katy Wrench (Marketing Leader)

Board of Trustees

Julia Alden (Board Trustee)
Achim Beck (Co-Founder and Board Chair)
Rita Halbright (Co-Founder Board Trustee)
Philippa Harris (Board Trustee)
Alastair Marke (Board Trustee)
Aideen McNamara (Board Clerk)
Pamela Sears (Co-Founder Board Trustee)

Teaching Staff

Guillermo Afonso (Mathematics/ Safeguarding Lead)
Miguel Alcantud (Chemistry, Science, Spanish)
Ladislav Bari (Mathematics)
Sonja Bartholomew (Mathematics)
Oisin Byrne (Spanish, French, Theory of Knowledge)
Stephanie Cooke (Humanities, History, Service)
Sue Dance (Visual Arts)
George Elia (Music)
Lindsey Fairweather (English)
Kelly Foster (Theatre)
Celeste Gardner (Physical & Health Education)
Tewolde Hagos (Teaching Lab Technician)
Benjamin Hartwright (Physical & Health Education)
Anders Heriksen (Physics and Mathematics)
Kerry Jenkins (Science)
Anne Liao (Biology, Science)
Mei-Ling Lin (Mandarin)
Guiomar Mancho (Spanish)
Chloe MacBean (Design)
Ross McGowan (English)
Kelly Mildenhall (Theatre Arts, English)
Russ Moon (Economics)
Claire Rees (Visual Arts & Design)
Paula Rosado (Spanish)
Jonathan Simpson (Humanities)
Martyn Steiner (ESS and Science)

Administrative, Educational and Wellbeing Staff

Andreina Gomes Escorcio (Reception)
Basi Amodu (Student Counsellor)
Amanda Deacon (Digital Librarian)
Nito Harvey (Wellbeing Support Leader)
Joanna Holmes (Finance Manager)
Andrew Howden (IT Consultant)
Katie Limchaikul (Purchasing and Facilities Officer)
Jessica Rosati (Learning Coach)
Joanna Shearer (University and Careers Counsellor)
Richard Sheppard (Kitchen Porter)
Deidre Williams (Cook)

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