Meet the Team

Achim Beck, Co-Founder and Board Chair
Barry Mansfield, Director
Basi Amodu, Student Counsellor
Bejal Shah, HR & Compliance Manager
Chloe MacBean, Design Teacher
Deirdre Williams, Cook
Dinis Costa, Physical and Health Education Teacher
Fatima Gonzalez Gomez, Spanish Teacher & Mother Tongue Language Coordinator
Gabriel English, Spanish and English Teacher
Gareth Jones, Biology & Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher and Student Wellbeing Support
Georgio Elia, Music Teacher (Part-Time)
Geraldine Healy, IBDP Geography & IBMYP Individuals and Societies Teacher
Guillermo Afonso, Mathematics Teacher
Jesi Rosati, Learning Coach
Jessica Clauser, Visual Arts and Design Teacher
Joann Ranson, English and Theory of Knowledge Teacher
Joanna Holmes, Finance Manager (Part-Time)
Joanne Cooper, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher
Jon Neale, Digital Learning Leader
Jon Taylor, Finance & Operations Director
Jonathan Simpson, Individuals and Societies & Geography Teacher
Julia Alden, Board Trustee
Julie Matthaeus, Co-Founder & Board Trustee
Katie Limchaikul, Purchasing and Facilities Officer
Katy Wrench, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Kelly Foster, Theatre Arts Teacher (Part-Time)
Kelly Mildenhall, IBMYP English & Drama Teacher
Kerry Jenkins, Integrated Science & Biology Teacher
Lori Fritz, IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator, Integrated Science & Physics Teacher
Maria Rosengren, Admissions Director
Mark Bowen, University Guidance Counsellor (Part-Time)
Mei-Ling Lin, Mandarin Teacher
Miguel Alcantud, Integrated Science and Chemistry Teacher
Natalie Carman, Mathematics Teacher, IB Middle Years Programme Community & Service Coordinator
Natasha White, Receptionist
Neil Commons, IBDP Physics & IBMYP Science Teacher
Oisin Byrne, French, Spanish & Theory of Knowledge Teacher
Pamela Rinehart Sears, Co-Founder & Board Trustee
Paula Rosado, IB Spanish Teacher (Part-Time)
Rita Halbright, Co-Founder and Board Trustee
Ross McGowan, English Teacher
Sian Healy, Community Engagement Team Director
Sonia Cross, Food Services Manager
Sonja Bartholomew, Mathematics Teacher
Stacy Marshall, Learning Systems Coordinator
Stephanie Cooke, Integrated Humanities & History Teacher, IB Diploma Programme CAS Coordinator, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Sue Dance, Visual Arts Teacher
Tewolde Hagos, IB Teaching Laboratory Technician
Toby Cann, Student Wellbeing Leader

HalcyonMeet the Team