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Meet Halcyon’s Teachers

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The trustees, leaders and staff are all highly committed. They strive for each student to achieve their potential. Leaders and staff work exceptionally well. Together, they provide students with an excellent quality of education.

Ofsted, 2020

Representing over 46 different nationalities and joining us from a range of global educational backgrounds, our team is at the core of Halcyon’s vibrant International Baccalaureate learning environment.

A commitment to shared leadership means that all of our teachers are able to bring the very best of their knowledge and experiences to Halcyon, as IB examiners, school leaders, heads-of-grade, and subject leaders. Halcyon prioritises investment in recruitment and professional development, helping us to innovate in the classroom and create an ever-improving learning environment together.

Here you can meet some of our colleagues, and learn more about their work at Halcyon.

Meet Dr. Sabahat Lodhi
IB MYP Science & DP Chemistry Teacher

“I’ve been so pleased to join Halcyon this year. I was brought up in Leicester, central England, where I completed all of my education; primary to tertiary and beyond. After completing my industrial placement year at AstraZeneca during my BSc Chemistry, I caught the research bug and went on to do my Ph.D. in ‘Synthesis of anticancer prodrugs’. Whilst working on my research studies I got my first taste of teaching by supervising practical chemistry classes and teaching theoretical organic chemistry to MPharm students for their dissertation. For the past 10 years, I have been working in international schools in Italy, UAE, Brunei and, more recently, Germany. Most of my experience has been in IB schools. I enjoy working at Halcyon because I am part of a diverse and dynamic community. The IB philosophy of global citizenship empowers students to go out and solve global challenges. Personally, I have been involved with questions of sustainability, and am enjoying continuing this passion at Halcyon through teaching and ECAs.”

Meet Leeman Robinson
Marketing Leader

“I’m from London, but have also lived in Birmingham (England) and Miami (Florida). I attended an all-boys school in South London, and then progressed to college and university to complete a degree in Marketing Communications. My professional career has always involved education, at institutions such as the London Business School and BPP (Brierly, Price, and Prior). I have also worked in engineering and sustainability, with stints at Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, International Marine Contractors Association, and National Skills Academy for Rail. I joined Halcyon’s Community Engagement Team this year, and during my time so far here I have been consistently impressed by the level of professionalism of my colleagues, the quality of the teaching, the creative discussions that take place, and the agency of students. This is a great place to work.”

Meet Guillermo Afonso
IB DP & MYP Mathematics Teacher

“I’m from Madrid in Spain, and I worked there before I joined Halcyon in 2017, at SEC International School, where I taught Mathematics, mostly at Diploma level. At Halcyon, I teach IB MYP and DP mathematics and Theory of Knowledge, and I’m also the Designated Safeguarding Lead. So, what attracted me to Halcyon? For me, it was the idea of an education where students are happy and enjoying themselves. It’s a good balance between the pressures of academia and actually having a healthy life and environment at school. One of the things I like about the students at Halcyon is that they speak up – they don’t just absorb information, they form their own opinions and challenge me if they disagree, and I think that’s a fundamental way of engaging with what you’re learning.”

Meet Celeste Gardner
IB MYP PHE Teacher

“I’m from Manchester, and before working here I worked at Markham College in Peru, where I taught IB Diploma Sport, Exercise, and Health Science, IGCSE PE and IB MYP Physical and Health education. Alongside my teaching, I am responsible for the MYP Service as Action programme and I have been project leader for staff wellbeing. One of my favourite aspects of working here at Halcyon is the fact that we put student wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. I really believe that we provide students with a passport for life, rather than just an education.”

Staff List

Senior Leadership
Board of Trustees
Administrative & Catering
Teaching & Guidance

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership Team

Barry Mansfield (Director)

Lori Fritz (IBDP Coordinator, Physics, Science)
Nito Harvey (PSHEE, Student Wellbeing Leader)
Kerry Jenkins (IBMYP Coordinator, Biology, Science)
Stacy Marshall (Learning Systems Coordinator, Mathematics)
Natalie Stark (Admissions Director)
Kate Allan (Admissions Director, Maternity)
Bejal Shah (HR Director)
Jon Taylor (Finance & Operations Director)

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Achim Beck (Co-Founder and Board Trustee)
Douglas Blausten (Board Trustee)
Michael Cutbill (Board Trustee)
Rita Halbright (Co-Founder and Board Chair)
Natalie Hardie (Board Trustee)
Philippa Harris (Board Trustee)
Kolawole Ilori (Board Trustee)
Osiur Rahman (Board Trustee)
Pamela Sears (Co-Founder and Board Trustee)
Rebecca Threlfall (Board Trustee)
Aideen McNamara (Board Clerk)

Chair of the Board of Trustees email address:

Administrative & Catering

Administration & Catering Teams

Administration Team:

Joanna Holmes (Finance Manager)
Khushi Hunt (Communications Manager)
Leeman Robinson (Marketing Leader)
Olivia Ceballos (Development Coordinator)
Maria Rosengren (Admissions Manager)
Andrew Howden (IT Consultant)
Abid Chaudhry (IT Consultant)
Katie Limchaikul (Purchasing and Facilities Officer)
Joy Liu (Receptionist)

Catering Team:

Michel Logsen (Kitchen Porter)
Holly Langrish (Canteen Superviser)
Monika Steiner (Trainee Chef)
Jacqueline Williamson (Catering Manager)

Teaching & Guidance

Teaching and Learning Support Team

Guillermo Afonso (Mathematics, Safeguarding Lead, Theory of Knowledge)
Sameera Ahmad (Design)
Farah Ahmed (English, Theory of Knowledge)
Asil Al-Shammari (University and Careers Counselling Director, Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
Shah-Noor Ashraf (Individuals and Societies, Geography)
Ladislav Bari (Mathematics)
Timothy Burtenshaw (Music)
Sonja Bartholomew (Mathematics)
Patricia Berka (Mathematics)
Andrea Blades (Design)
Oisin Byrne (Theory of Knowledge, Spanish, French)
Raymond Carty (Science)
Susan Dance (Visual Arts)
Amanda Deacon (Digital Librarian)
Pilar Delgado (Spanish)
Faye Ellis (Digital Learning Coach)
Lindsey Fairweather (English, English Plus)
Kelly Foster (Theatre Arts)
Lori Fritz (Physics, Science)
Celeste Gardner (PHE, PSHEE)
Tewolde Hagos (Teaching Lab Technician)

Nito Harvey (PSHEE)
Kerry Jenkins (Science, Biology)
Edward Kellett (Economics)
Sabahat Lodhi (Science, Chemistry)
Anne Liao (Science, Biology)
Mei-Ling Lin (Mandarin)
Stacy Marshall (Mathematics)
Kelly Mildenhall (Drama and English)
Elizabeth Mitchell (PSHEE & Restorative Practitioner)
Vicky Morgan (History, Individuals & Societies)
Adam Nee (Design)
Elena Pelaez-Perez (Spanish)
Sandra Rautavuori (PHE)
Jesi Rosati (Learning Coach)
Jonathan Simpson (Individuals and Societies, Geography)
Martyn Steiner (Environmental Systems and Societies)
Sandy Stoneman (English)

Shared Leadership at Halcyon

Our school mission applies as much to our staff as it does to our students: providing the creative and professional space for our team to contribute and to learn at their full potential. This is crucial in delivering a high-performing culture.

Our focus on wellbeing also applies to our staff as much as it does to students: creating an environment where everyone feels recognised and nurtured, and where individuals have the necessary agency to be professionally challenged and fulfilled.

Central to our organisation is that we have embraced a collaborative, distributed model of leadership. We do this to focus on the essential purpose of all schools – to all be at our best to educate. We prioritise meaningful learning impacts and professional growth, which means, for example, that our subject teams operate with a rotating shared leadership, appropriate to the particular task at hand. Everyone contributes and everyone has the opportunity to lead, to be accountable for school development and to enjoy the professional challenge of being a change-maker. It is our school, together.

Middle-leadership is generated through our project programme. Each year, we prioritise a number of intended learning impacts or wider intended improvements to our school culture, and create time-limited research projects which are led by different staff members. For example, we are currently supporting projects that will build more effective approaches to student voice, data analysis, sustainability, community partnerships, staff wellbeing, diversity equity and inclusion, design thinking and IB approaches to learning, and English language acquisition. Each project leader has the opportunity to have a profound impact on our school, to develop crucial professional leadership skills which enhance the whole organisation; and to collaborate with the community to ensure Halcyon remains a centre for innovation.

Be inspired by Halcyon

Halcyon is guided by a clear mission – to provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student – and is built upon three pillars: innovation, collaboration and community.