Halcyon London International School Term Dates & Calendar

Halcyon Term Dates

2023/2024 Key Dates

August 2023

Friday 25 – New Student and Family Orientation Event

Tuesday 29 – First day of Term 1

September 2023

Monday 11 – Friday 15 – Halcyon Residentials Trips

Monday 25 – Staff Professional Development Day – School Closed

October 2023

Monday 23 – Friday 27 – School Holidays – School Closed

December 2023

Friday 15 – Last day of Term 1

Monday 18 – January 5 – School Holidays – School Closed

January 2024

Monday 8 – Staff Professional Development Day – School Closed

Tuesday 9 – First day of Term 2

February 2024

Monday 12 – Friday 16 – School Holidays – School Closed

March 2024

Thursday 28 – Last day of Term 2

April 2024

Monday 1 – Friday 12 – School Holidays – School Closed

Monday 15 – First day of Term 3

Tuesday 23 – Community Day

May 2024

Monday 6 – Public Holiday – School Closed

Monday 27 – Public Holiday – School Closed

June 2024

Wednesday 12 – Community Day

Friday 28 – Last day of Term 3

August 2024

Wednesday 28 – First day of Term 1

Full School Calendar

Current parents and students at Halcyon can access our full School Calendar by adding it to their Google Calendar. Alternatively, you can find the full list of key dates including community days, residential trips, three-way conferences, information evenings, and other events here.

What are Community Days?

A key part of Halcyon term dates, Community Days offer students an opportunity to spend days dedicated to exploring Fundamental British Values through history and culture. From visiting the London Aquarium to enjoying exhibitions at the Design Museum, our students have delved into history from a variety of perspectives. This is also an opportunity for our students to connect with one another – every grade group will visit a different part of the city, forming lasting memories together.

What are Residential Trips?

Residential Trips encourage our students to build their teamwork skills and nurture their bonds within their grade group. Previous residential trip locations have included the beautiful landscapes of Snowdonia and the Lake District – activities have included hiking and obstacle courses. These week-long trips usually take place at the beginning of the year, and are part of Grade 6’s transition to Halcyon. This partnership between Halcyon and Outward Bound provides students with a holistic and rewarding start to the academic year.