University And Careers Counselling Brings Student Success At Halcyon

University and Careers Counselling

The university guidance counsellor provides excellent guidance in Grades 11 and 12, which prepares students very well for when they leave school.

Ofsted, 2017

Empowering Futures

Connected to university admissions offices around the world, our University and Careers Counselling Director brings specialist knowledge to Halcyon that creates college and career-ready global citizens. Benefitting from a range of one-to-one and grade-level university counselling services, each learner is guided to make decisions and develop skills that unlock opportunities in higher education. Asil Al-Shammari is available to everyone in Halcyon’s small community, delivering individualised, comprehensive support to each student and their family.

Individualised Support

Asil Al-Shammari works intensively with students on a one-on-one basis from Grade 9 – two years before the beginning of the Diploma Programme. This support covers all aspects of university preparation, from IBDP subject guidance to university campus trips.

Much of this guidance takes place in individual one-to-one meetings with students, which will be both scheduled by Asil for each student and organised on student request.

IB DP subject guidance

Asil encourages our students to connect their choices at school to their future aspirations. Asil possesses the expertise that is required to guide students to an optimised selection of IBDP options.

Extra-Curricular guidance

Asil provides comprehensive and up to date guidance on Summer Programmes, Taster Days and other courses that students can pursue to bring students’ keen sense of academic inquiry to life.

Personal Statement guidance

First impressions are important. Asil provides personal statement guidance to ensure that universities receive our students as they are: passionate, engaged and aware of the world around them.

Parent meetings

We recognise that it is vital for students’ families to be involved in the university counselling process. Grade 11 and 12 students and their families can schedule an hour-long meeting with Asil during the year.

Mock interviews

Many universities prefer to meet our students in person before sending offers. Asil mock interviews allow students to prepare for this occasion.

Testing support

Asil provides assistance and resources for SAT and ACT testing. Our counselling services provide for Morrisby testing to take place within Halcyon to help students identify their strongest skills and interests as well as potential future career paths.

Events and Resources

We plan workshops and fairs at Halcyon, and connects students with a range of events and trips outside of Halcyon.

We invite you to read more about our IBDP results, which are among the best in London IB schools. University Counselling: Results


Sessions dedicated to taking IBDP students through the key processes of university applications are crucial in these busy final years of school. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year as well as arranged according to student needs.

Fairs at Halcyon

University is a formative part of young lives – and prospective students must be provided with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with campuses, courses and colleges. Asil ensures that students have an opportunity to visit a range of UK universities within and outside of London.


University is a formative part of young lives – and prospective students must be provided with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with campuses, courses and colleges. Asil ensures that students have an opportunity to visit a range of UK universities.

Regular Grade meetings

Asil meets with Grade 11-12 as a group regularly to guide them through the steps of university and career preparation and meets with Grade 9-10 on several occasions throughout the year.

Fairs in the UK

Our students have enjoyed visits to UCAS fairs in London. University fairs, webinars and visits will take place virtually throughout 2020.

Dedicated Counselling website

Our counselling website provides guidance and resources on upcoming events, MYP-DP transition, fairs, apprenticeships and gap years, information presentations and more.

Meet our University and Careers Counselling Director

Asil Al-Shammari

“Although I loved teaching, I soon realised my true passion was in guiding and supporting students through the maze that is university application… For me, it is about helping students identify what they would love to study, as I realised through my own experiences that when you love what you do, you never consider it as a job. ” – Our University and Careers Counselling Director, Asil Al-Shammari

Asil realised quickly that impacting the world of education was her passion, and took the jump to become University and Careers Counsellor at the American School in Marrakech after her role as a Computer Science teacher.

Asil highlights experiential learning as one of her central focuses as University and Careers Counselling Director. Having worked closely in community outreach projects such as the organisation Education For All Morocco, she believes in the significance of students engaging in opportunities outside of school to develop their skills, as well as – most importantly – their passions.

Working in University and Careers Counselling in other international schools both in and outside of London has allowed Asil to develop strong networking connections with colleagues and admissions officers at top universities around the globe, especially in North America and Europe. Asil has also enjoyed learning how to support students socially and emotionally and is excited to bring this learning to her role at Halcyon.