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Strategic Plan

Our 5 year vision: 2021-2026

Our 5 year vision: 2021-2026

What will be different? By 2026, Halcyon will:
Have secured facilities that meet our needs and support our growth aspiration of 248-268 students for the secondary school
Have opened a primary school
Be established in the UK and international schools market and widely known for our innovative curriculum and exceptional student outcomes

Strategic priority 1: Teaching and learning expansion

1. Offer primary education at or before 2026
2. Expand and develop social emotional learning (SEL) and Approaches to Learning across the school

3. Review and refine Halcyon’s course offer, in line with increased demand and our strategic objectives
4. Build on our experience to develop the use of data and technology in teaching and learning

Strategic priority 2: Community outreach and engagement

1. Deliver an outstanding programme of Halcyon events with a special focus on integrating parents into the community
2. Improve the experience of transition for families new to Halcyon
3. Develop and deliver an effective, mission-driven alumni programme

4. Grow regular giving donations by 10-25% year on year
5. Expand Halcyon’s bursary programme to reflect our commitment to the public benefit
6. Use Halcyon facilities to expand opportunities for the local community

Strategic priority 3: Outstanding people and culture

1. Develop succession plan for the Board and SLT 2. Develop and implement a comprehensive K-12 people and culture strategy

3. Create and implement a schoolwide Sustainability Policy that clarifies where Halcyon will meet or exceed government standards 4. Deliver further DEI training for staff, Board and students to continuously develop knowledge, competencies and understanding

Strategic priority 4: Business development

1. Secure new facilities for the secondary school
2. Grow student admissions to 248-268
3. Refine Halcyon’s admissions policy in line with our values and strategy – and embed it

4. Build new mutually beneficial external partnerships that support our strategic ambitions
5. Generate additional income to support an expanded bursary programme
6. Increase awareness of Halcyon and its offer, in the UK and internationally