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Fees & Additional Information

School day
Application requirements
Sibling Priority
Hardship Support
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Our fees are inclusive of a delicious morning snack and daily vegetarian lunch for all students, as well as trips around the rich cultural tapestry of London and annual residential trips to areas such as the Lake District. The fees are also inclusive of all school supplies and materials in subjects such as art and science, and there are no further fees for examinations.

Applications & Deposits

Application Fee

Development Fee (New student)

Acceptance Deposit – payable on acceptance of place and refundable on each student leaving

Development Fee (Existing student)

Term fees (2022/2023)
(3 terms)

Grade 6-9 Termly Fees

Grade 10 Termly Fees

Grade 11-12 Termly Fees

Please note that, in addition to tuition, the fees include, but are not limited to the following: morning snack, lunch, annual residential trip, examination fees, books, materials, academic field trips, and many extra-curricular clubs.

Further costs

Mother Tongue Programme
£37-£61 per hour (depending on course and level)

Pamoja Online Courses
£900 – £1300 (Grade 11 & 12 only, per term and per course)

Limited Optional Trips

PE Kit
£15 – £30 per item

Digital Apps
£45-£55 per school year

Digital Device
£450 – £950

Halcyon Parent Community
Optional contribution – £40 per school year

School day

Please read about the structure of the school day.


The school day begins at 0900 and ends at 1600, with a lunch break between 1215-1300. Students enjoy a morning break after their first lesson from 1000-1015, and MYP students enjoy a snack break in the canteen either in the morning or afternoon.

A variety of Extra-Curricular Activities are offered during morning (0800-0900) and afternoon (1600-1700) slots.

Application requirements

We can consider your child for admission only after receiving a complete, accurate disclosure of educational records, including all previous psychological or educational testing.

Special Educational Needs


Students with special educational needs who meet the Admissions Criteria will be welcomed, provided Halcyon has sufficient capacity to meet the applicant’s needs, and that these learning needs can be supported after the school has made reasonable adjustments.

SEN application requirements – Stage 1

Parents must disclose whether their child has any special educational need(s), and if they have been enrolled in any non-standard educational support or wellbeing programme during their previous schooling.

SEN application requirements – Stage 2

Parents must provide Halcyon with full details of any special educational needs pertinent to their child, including support programmes, educational psychologist reports, or social-emotional evaluations. If no such evaluation is available, we require parents to provide an independent educational psychologist’s report.

Physical & Medical Disabilities


Students with physical or medical disabilities will be welcomed, provided they can be reasonably, safely and comfortably accommodated in the building, in off-site facilities, and through the school’s timetable after all reasonable adjustments have been made. There is limited wheelchair access to some but not all areas of the school.

Why do we request these details? Read our Full Admissions Policy.

Application requirements – Stage 1

Parents must disclose whether their child has any physical or medical disabilities, and if they have been enrolled in any non-standard educational support or wellbeing programme.

Application requirements – Stage 2

Parents must provide Halcyon with full details of any disabilities pertinent to their child. Applicants with medical or physical disabilities may be required to submit an independent medical report outlining the accommodations that would be required of the school.


We can consider your child for admission only after receiving a complete, accurate disclosure of educational records, including all previous psychological/educational testing.

Language & Support

Students must have sufficient English language proficiency to be able to access learning. Our English Plus programme is designed for students whose English language skills are not yet proficient enough to access the mainstream curriculum. English Plus students must: a. have at least a working proficiency in English and b. be expected to exit the English Plus programme and enjoy success in a first-language English class, within 12 – 18 months of enrolment.

Sibling Priority

Halcyon values the importance of family and, subject to space availability, may give priority to the admission of siblings who meet the relevant criteria, provided Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the application process are completed one academic year in advance of the year of admission. After that period, they may be considered as part of the regular admissions process.

Hardship Support

Parents with one or more children at the School whose financial circumstances suddenly change may apply for Tuition Support to the Director, explaining their situation and thereafter completing a Tuition Support Form.


Halcyon offers generous means-tested bursaries for school fees to deserving, academically strong students. Please contact the Admissions Director to express interest in applying for a bursary prior to beginning the application process.

Read our Bursary Policy.

Eligibility & Applications


Bursary awards are strictly limited to School tuition fees. A bursary award does not include the admissions fee, deposit, development fee, and payments for mandatory resources, optional School trips or extra­curricular clubs or activities.


Admissions Bursaries serve new entrants to the school, where a place has been offered and Parents are unable to fully fund the school fees themselves.

Each student to whom support is offered must, in the opinion of the Admissions Director and School Director, be likely to make significant academic progress following admission; possess the potential to take full advantage of Halcyon’s approach to education; and benefit from participation in the wider, extra­curricular activities on offer at the School. In normal circumstances, each applicant for financial support must, at the very minimum, meet the School’s normal academic requirements.

Bursary Application process

1. Parents should first complete the application process. The Admissions Director will notify Parents of students who are successful in the application process.

2. Parents are then required to complete the Bursary Form, which includes a means questionnaire assessed by Bursary Administration Limited – a third-party organisation and asks parents to provide any supplemental information that is requested.

3. The Bursary Form must be submitted to Bursary Administration Limited no later than 15 January for the following academic year.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will make all efforts to utilise public transportation, therefore students are required to obtain a Zip Oyster PhotoCard with an automatic top-up feature which will be used for the majority of class trips.

See the TfL website for how to apply.

Data protection

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, information is kept for a year after the end of the admissions process. For more information about how the school will use your information, and your child’s information, please see our Data Protection policy.

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