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Lunch at Halcyon

As a parent of an alumni, the focus on good food was something that always impressed me about Halcyon. Properly made (not packaged) food and getting people eating together is key to a successful society and producing model citizens! Keep it up Halcyon!

Parent of a Halcyon Alumna

Lunch at Halcyon

“I want students to come away with a blueprint for healthy eating,” our Catering Manager, Jackie, explains, “because the school canteen is where some of our strongest memories of school are made.”

Here at Halcyon, we’re proud to offer a nutritious, healthy, and delicious lunch to all of our students on a daily basis as an included part of our school fees. Our students’ health and energy is our priority, and – from lunchtime to morning snack breaks to picnics on Hyde Park – we are pleased that our school whole community shares the joy of eating together, and that we are able to cater for all dietary requirements.

Our in-house Catering Team has been recognised by Eco Schools for designing dynamic and tasty vegetarian lunch menus, with main options, sides (such as soups and a variety of salads), and desserts for students to pick from on a daily basis. Homemade smoothies are also provided as a drink option on a daily basis to accompany students’ morning and afternoon snack breaks.

Monthly Lunch Menus

Special Menus

Some of our best memories are created around sharing food – and national and international festivals offer a great opportunity for Halcyon’s staff and students to try old and new favourites together.

Here at Halcyon, we’ve enjoyed a number of seasonal menus throughout the year. Our Holiday Lunch, pictured, featured winter favourites such as roasted potatoes, vegetable wellingtons, roasted green beans, gravy, and more. And let’s not forget the crackers! Mexican Special Day offered us a delicious range of fillings for taco shells, and the Catering Team’s Carribean Menu went down a treat, with red bean soup, fried plantains, and sweet potato okra curry available for tasting.

Meet our Catering Manager

Jacqueline Williamson, Catering Manager

Interview with Jacqueline

As we ask Jackie about her goals, it’s clear that her priority is our students’ health and happiness: at Halcyon, at home, and beyond.

“I want them to come away with a blueprint for healthy eating,” she explains, “because the school canteen is where some of our strongest memories of school are made.”

To ensure that our students finish their time at Halcyon with fond recollections of a healthy lunchtime, our catering team strives to provide meal options that are both balanced and enjoyable.

Read Jacqueline’s interview here.

Meet the Team

Here at Halcyon, we firmly believe in life-long learning for everyone. We take pride in our commitment to staff professional learning, wellbeing, and the collaborative, innovative community this creates.

You can meet everyone in our Catering Team on our ‘Meet the Team’ page!