Explorations at Halcyon London International School


What are ‘Explorations’?

Halcyon’s students are inspired to inquire, communicate, and investigate; the skills that drive success in the rigorous IB MYP and DP Curriculums. We recognise that embracing curiosity is the key to creating an environment where each student can flourish as a future-ready, global citizen. To pioneer an effective learning environment, we do everything we can to embrace students’ individual passions.

Our Explorations Programme invites Grade 6-10 students to select four options per year to explore in weekly two-hour periods. Our Exploration options are built around six learning domains: Creativity, Action, Service, Wellbeing & Citizenship, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and Our World.

We also encourage our students to explore a variety of interests through our Extra-Curricular Activities.

Case study: Archaeology

In one session, Halcyon’s Archaeology Exploration students took their keen sense of inquiry to new levels by researching the background to artefacts they had discovered themselves. Gabriel (Grade 9) kicked off the session by presenting his own personal finds to the group, sourced from mudlarking on the shore of the River Thames. Students enjoyed carefully handling the artefacts, which ranged from prehistoric arrowheads to clay tobacco pipes to medieval hammered coins.

Case study: App maker

In the final session of their App Maker Exploration App, students used their newly-developed coding skills to carefully control drones. Throughout this period, students mastered the software Scratch and developed their general understanding of coding. Skilfully taking a selfie with the drone to mark the end of this Exploration together, these young learners are an example of how we can embrace technology to expand the boundaries of our creativity.

List of Explorations, 2020/2021

– Games! And more Games!
– Music Performance
– Music Ensemble
– Baking
– Cupcake Decorating
– Cross Stitch
– Theatre Performance
– Theatre Performance Support Crew

– Cross Country
– Flamenco
– Ice Skating
– Aerobics
– Tennis
– Rock Climbing
– Spin
– Cricket

– Bikeability
– Knit for Charity
– Service

– Philosophy
– Trashion

– Building Wearable Technology
– Build Your Own Memory
– Makerspace
– Robotics
– Outdoor Science

Our World
– Future Entrepreneurs
– Research
– Film
– London Walks

Past Explorations at Halcyon

Our Explorations offerings change slightly on a year-by-year basis, dependent on student demand and availability. We will be able to bring back some of our previous Exploration options in the future.

Past Explorations at Halcyon

– Horse Riding
– Golf
– Baseline
– Track and Field Sports
– App Maker
– Social Media Management
– Football
– Graphic Novel
– Astronomy
– Coding
– Design
– Alternative Realities
– Cyber Security

– Forensics
– Bikeability
– Laboratory Science
– Swimming
– Basketball
– EcoSummit
– Mindfulness
– Photography
– Creative Writing
– Political Ideologies – Handball
– Book binding
– Art studio
– Linguistics
– Speed Cubing (Rubix Cube)
– Podcasting
– Introduction to world religion
– Human rights
Where In The World Is That?
– Eco-psychology
– Playwriting

Explorations at Halcyon

School Show
App Maker
Lab Science
Cross Country