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Thank you for taking the time to apply for an administration position. At Halcyon London International School, we value our relationship with every staff member, student, and parent/guardian: this is at the core of our provision of an exceptional education.

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Becoming a part of Halcyon’s community is a process that all of our staff, students, and parents enjoy. The daily experience of life at Halcyon is international: each member of our community brings their unique experiences and perspectives to school life, creating immersive International Baccalaureate learning experiences.

Our students’ success in the International Baccalaureate is driven by our commitment to investing in our team and our students’ classroom experiences, strengthened by our status as a not-for-profit school. Our curriculum is enhanced by the use of digital technologies to amplify learning, a unique Explorations programme and a leading-edge social and emotional learning programme: central aspects of life at Halcyon.

All of our staff play a role in advocating for student voice at Halcyon. Student voice is at the core of our community; providing each learner with an opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, and interests offers them a chance to grow as communicators and leaders every day.

We hope that you enjoy learning more about Halcyon, and that you will find the application process interesting and helpful.

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Explore what it means to be part of Halcyon London International School’s community! Members of our teaching and administrative teams have shared insights into what makes Halcyon’s learning environment and the International Baccalaureate so special. We also invite you to read more about our commitment to professional development, and our unique team structure of shared leadership, which ensures that everybody has the opportunity to contribute and be accountable as a change-maker within our school.