What are they?

Halcyon’s mission is to draw out the unique potential of each child. Every child’s interests and abilities are unique, and to understand these – to find out what inspires each of us and to explore different ways of learning – Halcyon offers an Exploration Programme in grades 6 – 9. This gives every child the opportunity to discover different areas of learning, built around six domains: Creativity, Action, Service, Wellbeing & Citizenship, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and Our World. 

Explorations allow us to learn together: to create and deliver a project, to master a particular skill, or to uncover new ideas and ways of thinking. We intend that Explorations will provide an opportunity for personal growth. We intend that students will have the opportunity to pursue their passions, and to build their skills. We intend that students will use the experience of different explorations to support, and enhance, their personal learning. And we intend that students will take risks and try new things: there are six different domains to explore.

Exercise to music in a high intensity workout. This will include cardiovascular, resistance and strength work. Students will participate in the workouts and also create their own. Students must wear sports clothes to participate.
Learn the theory and practice of archaeology in this course. Learn how the local history of London is evident in its artefacts right below our feet. What secrets can we unveil? The course will include a local visit to do either practical skills or learn more in-depth about a civilisation that is investigated largely through archaeology.
Turn some of your favorite baked goods into healthier alternatives. You will research what goes into the yummy pastries and cakes that are sold and how to put a healthy spin on them!
Learn to cycle safely on the road. Expert instruction by Bikeability with a ratio of no more than four students per instructor. Cycling is a lifelong skill that is good for your health and good for the environment. There are many techniques to ensure you stay safe on the roads.
Build your own personal archive of objects, images, documents and other interesting things about you.  With the rapid change in technologies we will look at where you can keep your archive for longevity and how to update it.  We will also examine different types of archives, such as community, oral history, and what makes interesting individual collections. There will be a chance to discuss ideas for creating a group community project.
The emerging field of smart textiles, known as “Wearables” or e-textiles, has allowed many to blend technology with everyday clothing. This combination opens a new platform for technology and fashion, allowing for projects like embedded LEDS, or more advanced projects like motorised, moving components that react from environmental conditions to inbuilt sensors that will monitor your health. You will program, design and build wearable tech to augment an aspect of your daily routine or make your clothing more fashionable with electronics.
Students will explore the game of cricket, the strong emphasis it places on sportsmanship, whilst learning and refining skills (perceptual-motor, cognitive and perceptual). But most importantly, they will have an opportunity to play up, play up and play the game!
Start the year off with a weekly run! Join others as you participate in a variety of runs through Hyde Park. Take in the scenery as you increase endurance and stamina. Beginners and seasoned runners welcomed. Students must have sports clothes to participate.
Learn how to cross-stitch a variety of designs. In this course, you will learn how to build your cross-stitching skills using patterned designs before moving onto designing and creating your own pieces. 
You will learn how to decorate cupcakes using a range of techniques. Students will learn how to use a piping bag to apply buttercream and ice a rose. You will learn how to use sugar paste to create different coloured characters and shapes and bake and decorate six cupcakes following a theme of your choosing. Finally, students will apply all of the skills learnt to decorate a much larger cake to showcase their cake decorating skills.
Learn how films are made and make your own short film! In this course, you will study the way film-makers use music, camera shots, lighting, colour and symbolism to engage viewers and tell a story. Students who have studied this course before will move on to Level 2 and examine Film Theory. We will all watch a film in class and analyse it before making our own trailers and films!
The Flamenco encompasses singing, dancing and music. Each category includes many types and styles. During these nine sessions, we will focus and learn the most popular dance within the Flamenco, called “Sevillanas”.
Would you like to set up your own business? Are you a budding entrepreneur? In this exploration, you will have the opportunity to prepare and pitch your own business plan to real entrepreneurs. They will give feedback on your ideas for a product or service, as well as help you to improve your budget and marketing plans. Throughout the exploration, you will consider examples of successful social and private businesses and learn lessons from those that have failed.
Create and play your own modern board game. We begin by taking inspiration from playing existing board games and then move to designing and building a game of your own using the most exciting ideas from the example games. You will have the opportunity to design both physical and digital games.
Beginners and experienced skaters are welcome to join Ice Skating. You’ll lace up your skates and either participate in a lesson or skate freely on your own. 
Do you know your rib stitch from your garter stitch? Or maybe you’re new to knitting and enjoy a challenge? Beginners and more advanced knitters are welcome to participate in this exploration. Our aim will be to create a variety of knitted blankets, clothes and toys to donate to a London based charity.
Learn about the rich history and complexity of our city while getting some fresh air and exercise. Landmarks, wildlife, culture.
This exploration will take students on a journey of makerspace discovery! The first few sessions will be spent developing an understanding of physical and digital making skills. Examples include Augmented and Virtual Reality, cardboard prototyping, CAD, 3d printing and working with electric circuits. Building on these skills, the remainder of our time will be focused on making something to solve a problem you are passionate about.
This exploration is designed for students who have a very keen interest in performing music. Whether it’s already playing an instrument or singing. The idea is we come together and expand our repertoire in preparation for performances for concerts. All instruments, all voices. Appropriate material is selected by the instructor, giving everyone the opportunity to play. 
In this exploration you will learn about Science through experiments and activities taking place outside. We will make a model of the Solar System to scale in Hyde Park and investigate air pollution in the busy streets of London.  
This course will act as an introduction to philosophy, providing students with an understanding of ideas that have perplexed people since time immemorial. Students will explore and debate a range of ideas from Aristotelian ethics to Rousseau and the romantic movement.
Learn the fundamental research skills that can be applied to areas of life from school projects to university studies and personal wellbeing. We will look at finding and evaluating accurate, appropriate information for a variety of contexts, including identifying false or misleading information. Students will be encouraged to discuss ideas for disseminating areas of research to different age groups in society and how technologies can be utilised for curation.
You will build and modify a robot to compete in a series of robot games including a small scale version of robot wars, where each robot will be fitted with a balloon and armed with a pin. Let the battle commence!
Come learn to climb at Seymour Leisure Centre! Beginners will have the opportunity to focus on the essentials of safe climbing while our more advanced climbers can scale the multi-angled Beacon walls.
Workshop and perform scenes from well-known plays and musicals, which are all based around a central theme! You will have the chance to collaborate, direct and workshop with students from Grade 6-10 and perform in our evening summer show at a nearby theatre. We’ll also use lots of improv activities and character work to help you develop your confidence and versatility as a performer! 
You will build and modify a robot to compete in a series of robot games including a small scale, low budget version of robot wars, where each robot will be fitted with a balloon and armed with a pin. Let the battle commence!
Are you skilled at scaling the side of a mountain or do you want to be? Come learn how to safely rock climb. Challenge yourself! This class is appropriate for beginners and seasoned climbers.
Join us for our annual school production as we workshop, rehearse and then perform a play for the Halcyon community! Improve your confidence, vocal projection, character development and ensemble skills, as well as your ability to learn lines and become a character, in this fun, energetic and challenging exploration. 
Develop a group service project whereby you will engage in the community and look at ways to make a positive difference to the lives of others and the environment. 
Join a high-intensity static cycling class where you will complete a range of uphill, steady cycling and sprint intervals to music. Students must have sports clothes to participate.
Enjoy matches with other Halcyon tennis players and access to local tennis courts.
This exploration is all about reusing unwanted clothing, textiles and other items. About 290 million tonnes of waste are produced in the UK each year, of which around 22.9 million is domestic. Around 50% of our domestic waste ends up in landfill. In this exploration you will learn about reusing and recycling unwanted items, use your creativity to come up with new ways to reuse or ‘upcycle’ items into clothing and plan and run a “Trashion Show” to raise awareness.