What are they?

Halcyon’s mission is to draw out the unique potential of each child. Every child’s interests and abilities are unique, and to understand these – to find out what inspires each of us and to explore different ways of learning – Halcyon offers an Exploration Programme in grades 6 – 9. This gives every child the opportunity to discover different areas of learning, built around six domains: Creativity, Action, Service, Wellbeing & Citizenship, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and Our World. 

Explorations allow us to learn together: to create and deliver a project, to master a particular skill, or to uncover new ideas and ways of thinking. We intend that Explorations will provide an opportunity for personal growth. We intend that students will have the opportunity to pursue their passions, and to build their skills. We intend that students will use the experience of different explorations to support, and enhance, their personal learning. And we intend that students will take risks and try new things: there are six different domains to explore.

App Maker makes it easy for non-traditional programmers to build apps, you can forget about the hassle of setting up servers, databases and managing all the code that goes into creating and maintaining a traditional app. How? It’s all built in and automated in an amazingly easy to use systems approach. You can also access all of the G Suite apps like Gmail, Drive and Calendar. In teams you will build a web application to improve an existing process at Halcyon e.g. Exploration selection. You will organise into teams comprising of developers and analysts, and work to an agile software development model.
Learn the theory and practice of archaeology in this course. Learn how the local history of London is evident in its artefacts right below our feet. What secrets can we unveil? The course will include a local visit to do either practical skills or learn more in-depth about a civilisation that is investigated largely through archaeology.
Students will explore, experience and understand emotions and relationships and how they can foster positive interactions and value community cohesion. They will also learn how to cultivate self-awareness and positive self-esteem. Develop a sense of belonging. Work collaboratively with consideration for others.
Keep healthy and fit playing basketball! Learn or improve your skills in basketball joining this exploration and have a chance to get out the building and exercise indoor-outdoors every Wednesday afternoon. Students from all backgrounds in G6 to 9 are welcome!
Learn to cycle safely on the road. Expert instruction by Bikeability with a ratio of no more than four students per instructor. Cycling is a lifelong skill that is good for your health and good for the environment. There are many techniques to ensure you stay safe on the roads.
Compete with other students to have the biggest individual impact on carbon dioxide emissions! How can you bring down net emissions and how can you prove it? In this course, you’ll learn all about measuring greenhouse gas emissions and be able to say you’ve made a real difference.
Start the year off with a weekly run! Join others as you participate in a variety of runs through Hyde Park. Take in the scenery as you increase endurance and stamina.
Gain exposure to a variety of forms of dance through this exploration. Learn to coordinate your own movements with those around you and the music.
Take up a management position in planning the Halcyon Green Summit. Find speakers, arrange schedules and be a leader of the environmental event of the year!
Students will focus on a different ball sport each week. Variety is key! Students will have input into the ball sports included in the course.
Learn how films are made and make your own short film! In this course, you will study the way film-makers use music, camera shots, lighting, colour and symbolism to engage viewers and tell a story. Students who have studied this course before will move on to Level 2 and examine Film Theory. We will all watch a film in class and analyse it before making our own trailers and films!
Come play with other students in your grade band. Grades 6 and 7 will enjoy football together while Grades 8 and 9 have their own practices and games. This exploration does not replace after school teams, but can serve as a supplement for those with a real love for the game or a weekly outing!
We will explore the key topics of forensic science to include the scientific processes involved in forensic data analysis as well as the principles of crime scene investigation. Students will have the opportunity to carry out investigations and collect data needed to analyse fictional crime scenes. 
Would you like to set up your own business? Are you a budding entrepreneur? In this exploration, you will have the opportunity to prepare and pitch your own business plan to real entrepreneurs. They will give feedback on your ideas for a product or service, as well as help you to improve your budget and marketing plans. Throughout the exploration, you will consider examples of successful social and private businesses and learn lessons from those that have failed.
Come learn a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime! Students will receive instruction and practise their swing.
Students will receive instruction on safe riding practices and develop their skills. In addition, students will be taught basic grooming techniques.
Come enjoy handball! Students will practice and compete against one another.
Do you want to enjoy the freedom of the ice and beat of the music? Come and skate!
In this course, students will learn laboratory techniques as they carry out guided experiments and then design their own investigations or projects. Possible investigations are growing crystals, investigating polymers, making rocket models, studying wildlife in the park and visiting museums of science in London. 
Learn about the rich history and complexity of our city while getting some fresh air and exercise. Landmarks, wildlife, culture. 
We are all makers. From Lego to Minecraft and 3D printing to Augmented Reality. Join in with this exploration to enjoy some amazing options that will open up a whole new world of creative possibility!
Let’s co-create an exploration into what authentic wellbeing looks like. Let’s use our wonderful city, engage with the wider community and examine physical, philosophical and relational levels and how to have a flourishing life.
This exploration is designed for students who have a very keen interest in performing music. Whether it’s already playing an instrument or singing. The idea is we come together and learn some repertoire in preparation for performances for concerts. All instruments, all voices.
This ensemble is the bigger ensemble suitable for students already playing orchestral type instruments and in the Vocal Group. We also have space for guitarists, keyboard/pianists and bass players. We practice once a week and learn a variety of repertoire in preparation for the Halcyon Music Celebration, and other performances such as school concerts. 
We have never lived in a more visual society and there is now a need for skilled photographers and image creators. Master the fundamental aspects of photography  and the advanced program modes to creatively capture photos. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, covering all the most important aspects of creative retouching.
You will build and modify a robot to compete in a series of robot games including a small scale, low budget version of robot wars, where each robot will be fitted with a balloon and armed with a pin. Let the battle commence!
Are you skilled at scaling the side of a mountain or do you want to be? Come learn how to safely rock climb. Challenge yourself! This class is appropriate for beginners and seasoned climbers.
Join us for our annual school production as we workshop, rehearse and then perform a play for the Halcyon community! Improve your confidence, vocal projection, character development and ensemble skills, as well as your ability to learn lines and become a character, in this fun, energetic and challenging exploration. 
A ball, a bat, a few gloves and we’re ready. Join us for softball in Regents Park each Wednesday. Learn how to bat and catch and you’re ready to begin. A bit of strategy comes in along the way. 
Enjoy a weekly swim. This can be instructional time for newer swimmers and recreational for more seasoned swimmers.
Many students have been playing at lunch and after school! Continue to develop your skill and strategy, as well as play matches against other students.
Enjoy matches with other Halcyon tennis players and access to the courts at Regents Park.
Maybe it’s your way to get ready for Sports Day or maybe you simply love to run, jump and throw. Regardless, come try a variety of track and field activities in this exploration.
All you need is an interest in singing and a commitment to becoming part of a vocal group/choir. We explore a range of repertoire from Pop to Jazz and you also have a say as to what you would like to sing!