Sport and fitness are an important part of life at Halcyon, and students have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of sporting options, both through the PE curriculum and our extensive Extracurricular provision.

Our students have access to sports facilities both within the school and at a number of locations in our local area.

Girl's Football


This is an opportunity for students to develop their fitness profile, stamina and play football each week. The club will be working on general overall fitness and ball control, passing technique and shooting. We have senior teams for Boys and Girls individually for Grades 9-12 and a junior team of mixed students for Grades 6-8. Practices are held once per week throughout the school year. Students participate in competitions with students at local London schools.

Football Tournaments
Halcyon is hosting it’s biggest ever football tournaments this year with the following 7 local schools participating: Halcyon, King Fahad Academy, ICS, Dwight, Vicente Cañada Blanche, Brondesbury & ISL.
Come and support the teams on pitches 11 & 12 at Westway Sports Centre on 4 March (boys) and 11 March (girls) from 1300-1400.


Gymnastics Club is open to all grades and abilities. Students will have the opportunity to improve their floor and vault skills incorporating different gymnastic elements to create their own routines. Students in this club will develop their resilience, confidence and interpersonal skills. Gymnastics Club runs two sessions per week. Students may opt to participate in one or both sessions. The students (Gymnastics and any other interested students) also have termly trips to the Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park.


Run by Grade 12’s Ameen, students run basic drills and improving fitness!

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a popular sports option at Halcyon! Students work with Olympic coach, Natacha Moura on strategy and skill. Beginners first learn technique while developing speed, coordination, consistency and concentration. More advanced table tennis players develop tactics that can then be applied in matches. They also play in friendly matches against other schools. 


Yoga classes are practised to music and are fun, dynamic and relaxing. Classes contain various elements including dynamic and challenging sequences, relaxation and partner work. Over time, students’ flexibility and strength will grow and they will be able to hold poses longer.

Running/Cross Country

This is an opportunity for students to improve their cardiovascular capacity, speed and personal skills such as motivation and resilience. The sessions will take place at Hyde Park where students explore the amazing network of paths that the park offers.

Cross Country Success!

Congratulations to Jonah, Marie, Matis, Saveliy and Wiebe for taking part in the London Schools cross country with hundreds of other students from schools around London. They all did very well in tough and muddy conditions. Jonah qualified for the London team (again!) with an extraordinary second place; the first silver medal in athletics for Halcyon! A fantastic result.


This is another activity to improve important hand-eye coordination skills. Basketball is a student-led club, run with staff oversight. Diploma students lead weekly sessions, planning all activities and working directly with participants. Each session is a mix of drill and games.

Sports Days

The student volunteers coordinate their own Sports Day every year as part of their CAS programme. MYP students take part in Track and Field events and team sports at the Paddington Recreation Ground. They represent their mentor groups with great sportive spirit and fair play. We have the opportunity to observe great feats by our students and new records are set every year! The Halcyon Parent Community also provide much-needed ice creams in the afternoon.

Sporting Excellence

We are equally proud of our student's sporting efforts outside school

Jonah, Grade 10

What sport are you involved in?
I’m a runner! In the winter I take part in cross country and in the Summer I am an 800m runner. I have run for Serpentine Running Club for the last 4 years.

What’s been your biggest running achievement so far?
Last year I competed in the league of races – a number of running events held between running clubs across London. I competed in the age category above me (15+) and placed second.

What’s the most challenging thing about running?
The training can be tough and physically difficult – especially during the colder months.

Would you recommend someone taking up running? Do you have any tips?
Absolutely! I’d recommend getting involved with a running club and then stick with it!  The more you do the easier it becomes!

Kevin, Grade 7

What sport are you involved in?

I am a Springboard diver! I only started diving in 2016, so I have been doing it for almost 3 years.

What’s been your biggest sporting achievement so far?

I’m really proud of being the Swiss springboard diving 1m and 3m champion on three occasions.  

What’s the most challenging thing about your sport?

My sport can be very challenging and takes a lot of work.  The most difficult thing is learning more difficult dives. You have to keep practising and perfecting your skills.

Would you recommend someone taking up your sport? Do you have any tips?

Yes, diving is a great sport to be part of!  I think my top tip would be to make sure you build up your flexibility and strengthen your core – it will make diving easier!

How did you get involved in diving?

I was a swimmer and had the chance to try diving.  I really enjoyed it, and it turned out I was also very good at it!


We have amazing access to a variety of locations

Seymour Leisure Centre is located a short walk from Halcyon. Our students regularly visit the centre for their PE classes and some after school activities. With access to the large sports hall, they are able to take part in a wide range of activities including basketball, football, hockey and dodgeball.

At lunch once a week students get to enjoy Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in central London, with a host of fun ball games and activities run by Fit for Sport.