Ambassadors Club

Students involved in this Ambassadors Club will develop and receive training on a range of skills, such as public speaking and presentation skills, networking and time management.  Ideally, you’ll be passionate about Halcyon and eager to share your best Halcyon experiences with prospective students, families and visitors. Ambassadors are often asked to: deliver school tours, help out with open house events and other on-campus event, give presentations in schools, and represent Halcyon at other events. Enhance your CV and your university applications and have fun along the way!

Boys Football Club – Grades 9-12

Students will develop their football skills, including: ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting, defending and application of game play. We will have frequent matches and compete in tournaments throughout the year. 

Eco Committee

Halcyon’s Eco Committee is currently applying for the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. We are looking for students from all grades to lead on initiatives in and out of school. We will continue our work on food waste, recycling and reducing plastics. However, we are also looking for new initiatives, such as training our student ambassadors to promote Halcyon’s green credentials. If you care about the environmental crisis facing our planet and would like to take action to contribute, please join. This club can contribute to your Service Action or CAS.

Football Club – Grades 6-8 (mixed)

This is an opportunity for students to develop their fitness profile, stamina and play football

each week mindfully. The club will be working on general overall fitness and improving ball control, passing technique, shooting and spatial awareness in these fun sessions. The club also aims to have a match and tournaments with students of different schools.

Girls Football Club – Grade 9-12

Students will develop their football skills, including: ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting, defending and application of game play.  We will have frequent matches and compete in tournaments throughout the year. 

Global Issues Network Club (GIN)

GIN is a network of schools that work to take action about global issues facing our world today, such as poverty, sanitation, and global warming. Students attend the annual GIN conference, where they hear inspiring guest speakers, see other projects taking place in other schools and practice their public speaking skills. This club can contribute to Service Action or CAS.


This is a great club for students interested in any aspect of journalism, whether that be writing, editing or photography. Halcyonite is the school’s student-run digital magazine, where students have the opportunity to present the exciting events at Halcyon. We welcome submissions from all students, so you can contribute to Halcyonite at any point in the academic year. Students will have the opportunity to write about topics and events that are of interest to them. Look through the latest edition to get inspired! 

Knitting Club

All are welcome, beginners or experts. If you prefer crochet you could try that too. Students are aiming to make a blanket for the homeless! Lots of different colours and different thicknesses of knitting needles. It is a very relaxed and mindful session.

Dance Club

Dance Club is a new student-run Extra-Curricular, led by Grade 11 students. Students can join this club to enjoy a variety of dance styles including Contemporary, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Tap. All abilities and Grades are welcome!


LAMDA acting exams have a fee attached to them depending on the level of entry. 

From the elocution examinations of the past to today’s practical communication and performance assessments, LAMDA’s examinations have provided each and every learner with the skills and confidence to succeed in life. LAMDA acting exams challenge the student to prepare and perform a character monologue in front of a panel of judges at the LAMDA centre in central London. There are different levels students can enter and they are able to progress up to the ‘gold medal’. The LAMDA lunchtime rehearsals give the student an opportunity to practice and perfect their LAMDA pieces ready for examination. Please note, in order for students to be fully prepared for their acting examinations they will also have to use independant time to rehearse and prepare. 

Law Society

Students involved in this Law Society will complete in the Independent Schools Mock Trial in February and will work together in teams of crown prosecutors, defence barristers or witnesses to gain a unique understanding of the justice system while developing employability skills such as teamwork, public speaking and verbal reasoning (This is primarily for 15-18 year-olds, but we can include others!) More information about the national trials can be found here We are signed up to compete at Wood Green Crown Court. 

Mathematics Team

This is a lively session of maths where we prepare for various team maths competitions. The competitions are for grade 6, grades 7-8, grade 9 and grades 10-12 and involve working in small groups and pairs. If you enjoy doing maths … come along!

Medics Club

The Medics Club will: discuss current healthcare stories in the news, reflecting on them with consideration for the 4 Pillars of Medical Ethics; research medical/healthcare related career pathways in different countries; share opportunities for work experience and talk about necessary skills required to work in healthcare; discuss university applications for medicine; practice the stations for Multiple Mini Interviews, and prepare for Medical entrance exams.

Movie Club

Students will watch a variety of film genres such as Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Superhero, Action, and Mystery. The films are chosen by the students. Last year we watched films such as The Others, Avengers: Infinity War, Legally Blonde, and Inception

Model United Nations

MUN is a group for students that are passionate about international relations and current events. Students in the club aim to increase their global political knowledge, as well as develop debating and public speaking skills. They also have opportunities to meet with a variety of other schools to participate in MUN Conferences such as MUNISH as well as our own school-based MUN Conference.

Running Club

Halcyon’s running club aims to develop students through a range of differentiated activities in Hyde Park. The running club is open to students of all ages, levels of ability and experience. Each session will provide a range of different routes and students will be encouraged to attempt an appropriately challenging route. As the year progresses, students will learn about running related components of fitness and a range of training methods for developing them.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Club is set up to improve table tennis skills. Our professional Table Tennis coach, Natacha Moura will work first of all on the student’s technique and at the same time help develop speed and coordination, giving them advice on how to apply different tactics.


The Yearbook Club will be responsible for producing the annual Halcyon yearbook. Assisted by teachers, students will create and design pages. They are responsible for taking and collecting the pictures that will create the yearbook.

HalcyonExtracurricular Activities