Halcyon’s Eco Committee will apply for the Eco-Schools Award and progress from Bronze up to the Green Flag Award, working on school issues such as food waste, recycling and reducing plastics.

Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN is a group for students that are passionate about international relations and current events. Students in the club aim to increase their global political knowledge, as well as develop debating and public speaking skills. They also have opportunities to meet with a variety of other schools to participate in MUN Conferences such as MUNISH as well as our own school-based MUN Conference.


Halcyonite is our digital school ‘newspaper’ written by students for students.

Student Council

The role of the Student Council is to represent students’ views in the Halcyon community, to be consulted prior to the implementation of new policies that affect students, to contribute to developing policy in the school and to be a resource working in partnership with the Halcyon community. Read more.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Academy is set up to improve table tennis skills. Our professional Table Tennis coach, Natasha Moura will work first of all on the student’s technique and at the same time help them develop speed and coordination, giving them advice on how to apply different tactics.


This is an opportunity for students to develop their fitness profile, stamina and play football each week. The club will be working on general overall fitness and ball control, passing technique and shooting. There are tournaments for the older players to participate in.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Club is open to all grades and abilities. Students will have the opportunity to improve their floor and vault skills incorporating different gymnastic elements to create their own routines.

LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

LAMDA is one of the top acting conservatoires in Europe and they offer students of all ages and abilities the opportunity of taking actors’ training courses and exams (so students get all the benefit of following a professional training course, but in their own school).

Boxing Fitness

Run by Grade 12’s Misha, who has trained for years in Boxing; running basic drills and improving fitness!


An open dance class for all run by Mia in Grade 11. Exploring different styles of dance in a social setting.

Global Issues Network (GIN)

GIN is a network of schools that work to take action about global issues facing our world today, such as poverty, sanitation, and global warming. Students attend the annual GIN conference, where they hear inspiring guest speakers, see other projects going on in other schools and practice their public speaking skills. Halcyon will be hosting its own GIN forum organised by our Diploma students

Debate Club

Ava, our extremely talented Grade 11 student, has decided to run Halcyon’s very own debate club! Debating with others can help you develop powerful logical arguments and critical thinking skills. You learn how to examine or justify your ideas, find evidence to support points of view and hone your persuasive powers.


We meet once a week to develop a range of productions and will work in collaboration with the theatre writing exploration class. There is something for everyone in Theatre Club from performance opportunities, to directing and assistant directing, to design, writing and stage management.


Yoga classes are practised to music and are fun, dynamic and relaxing. Classes contain various elements including dynamic and challenging sequences, relaxation and partner work. Over time, students’ flexibility and strength will grow and they will be able to hold poses longer.


Students will immerse themselves in improvisational, performance and script-writing components, culminating in the development of two student-devised productions, which will be performed across two evenings.


Where instrumentalists can come together and learn about how to create arrangements.

Running Club

This is an opportunity for students to improve their cardiovascular capacity, speed and personal skills such as motivation and resilience. The sessions will take place at Hyde Park where students explore the amazing network of paths that the park offers.

Mathematics Team

Mathematics Team will help foster a love of mathematics through inquiry and problem-solving. The Halcyon Maths Team will participate in both the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Maths Challenge and the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation (ISMTF) competitions. Students are given problems from past competitions to solve and will discuss strategies for approaching problems of increasing complexity.


Swimming Club offers a planned session that will work on cardiovascular endurance and develop swimming technique. This will be done with the support of Gareth Jones a former competitive international swimmer and a FINA qualified swim coach.

Study Club

Students will have the opportunity to revise their lessons and/or prepare for their upcoming lessons. Students will also have the opportunity to research independently, discuss and peer-tutor their everyday school activities.


The Yearbook Club will be responsible for producing the annual Halcyon yearbook. Assisted by teachers, students will create and design pages and are responsible for taking and collecting the pictures that will end up in the yearbook.


Students will experience a calming ambiance as they learn how to observe the ’Breathe’ or ‘Sound’, both act as an anchor in bringing you to the present moment. The restful state students will experience prepares the mind for the day ahead, by decluttering their thoughts.

The Halcyonite Winter Edition 2017

This term’s edition of the Halcyonite has been published. The Halcyonite is an online magazine led by students for our

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Paddle and Pick with Active360

Paddle and Pick with Active360

Football Tournament Results

Football Tournament Results

Oxygen Freejumping Trip

Oxygen Freejumping Trip

A win for Halcyon’s Grades 6 & 8 football team

A win for Halcyon’s Grades 6 & 8 football team

Halcyon Wins London International Model United Nations High School ‘Best Delegation’ Award

Halcyon Wins London International Model United Nations High School ‘Best Delegation’ Award

Fantastic First: Halcyon’s Student-led Global Issues Network (GIN) Forum

Fantastic First: Halcyon’s Student-led Global Issues Network (GIN) Forum

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