Extra-curricular Activities


At Halcyon, we recognise that nurturing students’ passions and interests is the key to their engagement in the classroom.

Our students have a varied list of options to engage in before, after, and during school. Our Extra-Curriculars also include options aimed at bolstering all our students’ university applications, providing further choices to engage in community service, to build civic skills, to explore specific career-related programmes, and to be creative or active.

We also encourage our students to design, promote and run their own clubs, nurturing their trust in us and actively encouraging them to hold responsibility for their choices in education. Secure in the knowledge that Halcyon advocates for their individual interests, our students are happy and motivated to learn.

List of Extra-Curriculars, 2020/2021


Ambassadors Club
Eco Committee
Mixed Grade 6-8 Football Club
Grade 9-12 Girls Football Club
Grade 9-12 Boys Football Club
Global Issues Network Club (GIN)
Halcyonite Magazine
Knitting Club
Dance Club
Movie Club
Table Tennis
Running Club


LAMDA Exam Prep
Law Society
Mathematics Team
Medics Club
Model United Nations

Many more co-curricular activities and sports are offered to students through our Explorations programme, a timetabled slot in the week dedicated to our students’ pursuit of their interests and curosities.