#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Connecting Our Community Via Online Clubs |



#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Connecting our Community via online clubs

Ensuring our community feels "supported and connected" via virtual clubs is crucial in these times. Having a place to reach out to engages our students in lessons, creates a space for family wellbeing and leads our parents to bring positive words of encouragement to our staff. As we continue our Remote Learning platform, we have enjoyed hearing wonderful stories from our virtual classrooms, as well as from the thriving digital clubs and Wellbeing spaces that our students and teachers have created together.

Although Grade 7 students participated in their afternoon Wellbeing session in separate rooms, they were reminded of their connection as a community as they explored an interactive map of London together online.

Mr Harvey, our Restorative Justice Practitioner, set students the task of discovering more about London’s history, transport and culture through news articles and informational videos that were placed around different landmarks. Students then returned to the Google Meet classroom, where Mr Harvey prompted students with questions on details of the Hatton Gardens Robbery, London Underground Journeys and even Mr Cann’s houseboat. 

Students were excited to share that they had discovered brand-new information about their own neighbourhoods that stretched all the way back into the Tudor era.

Learning more about our London community - and participating in the additional dance challenge that Mr Harvey added to the map - was a great way for Grade 7 to connect with each other across our virtual community whilst helping them understand more about their local area.

Like our teachers, our students recognise the need for our community to connect with one another beyond their virtual classrooms. Extra-Curricular Activities are often a much-anticipated time for our students to come together and share their unique interests, and Greta, Juliette and Nicole have ensured that Dance Club participants still have the chance to come to their regular Monday slot via Google Meet!

Joined by new attendees, as well as members of staff, the Grade 11 Dance Club leaders led us through a warm-up and a dance instruction session - reminding us of the importance of being active, as well as enjoying ourselves, as we participate in school from separate rooms. 

online dance clubs

Our lunchtime clubs provide an important space for students to relax and spend time together, and Mr McGowan has ensured that our film enthusiasts can still attend Movie Club virtually during lunchtimes! 

It is so important at this time to keep connected and geographically grounded as part of our own wellbeing as a school community. Positive relationships are integral to the human experience, whether in school or in our personal and professional lives, and continuing them online as much as offline is a primary goal for Halcyon.

As a global community we ask that you to give some time to your relationships and check in with your peers and loved ones!

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