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Class of 2022 Update: IB DP Results are in!

We are delighted to share the Class of 2022’s IB Diploma Programme/IB DP results. Our graduates have excelled, and we are so very proud of their achievements. They have been guided by the sense of community and purpose at Halcyon - belonging to a vibrant learning community in pursuit of academic excellence and personal fulfilment. They have supported and encouraged one another to realise their unique potential, and been nurtured by our extraordinarily talented and dedicated staff team. Each of our graduates has been rewarded with a wonderful set of results - results which have opened doors to the best universities around the world.

Everyone in our community would like to send their warmest congratulations to the graduating Class of 2022. 

IB DP Results Highlights

  • 34 students sat the IB Diploma
  • 100% pass rate
  • an average points score of 36 
  • Highest point score awarded was 45 (out of 45)
  • 25% of students scored 40 points and higher

With a 100% pass rate, the 34 graduates of the Class of 2022 have completed their journey at Halcyon together, and will, no doubt, keep in close touch as they go forward. 

Our graduates are attending universities all around the world, including: the University of St Andrews, Edinburgh University, the USC Gordon S. Marshall School of Business, the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, the University of Bristol, and the ESSEC Business School in France, to name just a few destinations. Earlier this year, our University and Careers Counselling Director Asil Al-Shammari remarked on the “coveted and competitive” nature of some of the courses in which our graduates will be enrolling. 

IB DP Results Average: Past Three Years

The Diploma Programme: a future-readying education 

The Class of 2022 is prepared to make a difference in the world that awaits them. The award of the IB Diploma is unique in this sense: it “pushes young people out into the world to confront inequalities and injustice, to be a part of a solution, to learn practical compassion, and find out about themselves and their place in the world”, as stated in our Director’s article in the Teaching Times.

They are beginning their higher education journey equipped with the communication skills, collaboration skills, and critical thinking skills that they will need to navigate the complexities of our future, and we are proud to have been a part of their stories. Our team delivers a pioneering and academic curriculum that is uniquely shaped to confront real-world challenges in the context of interdisciplinary investigation, and the achievements and goals of the Class of 2022 are a testament to our community’s success. 

Congratulations to this cohort on their IB DP results - and watch this space for news from the Class of 2022 as they prepare for their first year of university!

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