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At Halcyon London International School, we

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At Halcyon London International School, we

Own our future Find solutions Take a stand

Our students are inspired to take on global challenges.

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At Halcyon, we

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We support our students in creating their own learning journey.

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At Halcyon London International School, we

Have a global impact Take a stand Find solutions Lead the future

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At Halcyon London International School, we

Take responsibility Empower one another Shape our future

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An Outstanding IB School

Halcyon is a leading International Baccalaureate school for students aged 11 to 18 – the only not-for-profit IB school in London.

Our mission: to provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student.

Students collaborate with teachers and their peers, achieving ambitious academic goals and confidently meeting high levels of personal growth.

Halcyon delivers a unique, research-driven approach to wellbeing. Students feel valued, confident and secure.

We embed cutting-edge technology into learning. Our students are supremely well-prepared for the digital revolution of today and tomorrow.

Find us in Marylebone, London. We pioneer education.

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The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (ages 11-16) and Diploma Programme (ages 16-19) at Halcyon provides students with rich academic opportunities for personal development through a holistic and internationally-focused curriculum, enhanced by the vibrant culture of London. The IB differs from the British education system – and other national systems – because it is more than an academic preparation for university: its core purpose is to enable young people to better understand and improve our world.

Student Life

At Halcyon London International School, every student has a voice: the opportunity to lead, collaborate, and advocate for the wellbeing of everyone in our diverse, international school community. A wide range of extracurricular activities and sports, alongside Halcyon’s unique coaching, personal learning and Explorations programmes, enrich the International Baccalaureate MYP and DP programmes, nurturing every aspiration and passion.

Graduate Destinations

As an international school in London, our growing community of graduates attend leading universities across the world. From Russell Group universities in the UK to American Ivy League colleges to international institutions in Europe and Asia, our students are flourishing after completing their IB Diploma. We welcome you to celebrate our wonderful student success stories and IB Diploma results with us, here.


Halcyon London International School is home to a diverse student body, ages of 11-18. Our admissions team has welcomed students from British independent schools, boarding schools, and international schools from all over the world.

“We are delighted with every aspect of the school – especially knowing that our son will grow up to be an independent and global minded IB world citizen.”

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student.

Pioneered by Halcyon Engaged by Halcyon Empowered by Halcyon Read more
Through a shared commitment to research-led innovation, leading-edge educational technology and unmatched professional development, our team creates unique, inspiring learning experiences for young people.

Our values: Innovation.
Halcyon emboldens and supports every learner to be an explorer, a risk-taker and a creative problem-solver.
Our wellbeing programme integrates student voice into the fabric of our classrooms and our community. Embracing opportunities to co-create their own learning journey with purpose, our students enjoy a vibrant, empowering environment of inquiry.

Our values: Collaboration.
Collaboration is at the core of our community of life-long learners. Shaping our learning together, we discover unique perspectives that enriches our understanding of ourselves and others.
Our student community graduates from Halcyon London International School with a powerful aptitude for academic investigation, collaboration and leadership, ready to lead in a skills-based future and prepared to excel at elite colleges and universities.

Our values: Community.
Each member of Halcyon’s community develops a sense of agency and ownership over our school and its mission, nurturing equal opportunities for each individual to fulfil their unique potential.

The latest from Halcyon International School London

Succeeding in STEM

Our students graduate from Halcyon with the skills to be leaders, communicators, and collaborators in an ever more complex and changing world. Our students are prepared for the digital technology revolution: the IB embeds STEM skills across the curriculum, and our Explorations and extracurricular programmes offer students the opportunity to master coding; to engage in nationwide mathematics competitions; and to compete with other international schools, independent schools, and state schools through our Vex Robotics programme.

Science Facilities at Halcyon

Learning in London

IB learners acquire the skills and knowledge to investigate problems in real-world contexts, and learning in central London enriches every student’s school experience. The city’s world-class universities, theatres, museums, galleries and exhibitions provide opportunities for each child to take their learning from our campus to every corner of our vibrant city. Our students could be beachcombing on the Thames to explore the past, discovering the history of natural science in South Kensington’s museums, or enhancing their language skills by enjoying Mandarin or Spanish productions in London’s best theatres.

Mandarin: A Chinese Theatre Experience

Celebrating Sports at Halcyon

At Halcyon, we support each student’s sporting goals while empowering learners to challenge themselves through exciting Explorations opportunities such as rock-climbing, ice skating, and horseback riding. Our football teams can enjoy competing with other international schools and independent schools at sports grounds in Paddington and Notting Hill, and in our PHE curriculum, our students engage in a variety of activities ranging from Jiu-Jitsu to gymnastics.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Halcyon

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