Extra-Curricular Activities At Halcyon London International School

Explorations Course Descriptions: 2023 – 2024

Learn by exploring

Halcyon students are inspired to inquire, communicate, and investigate; the skills that drive success in the rigorous IB MYP and DP Curriculums.

We recognise that embracing curiosity is the key to creating an environment where each student can flourish academically and personally.

To pioneer an effective learning environment, we do everything we can to embrace students’ individual passions.

G6 Mandatory Exploration – Session 1

Great Grade 6 Adventure – The Social World

Welcome to Halcyon! There’s much to learn as you transition to a new school, whether this is adjustment to secondary school or to our digital environment. This exploration is the perfect opportunity for all Grade 6 students to get to know one another and settle into the Halcyon community.

Long Explorations

Robotics – All Sessions – The Innovative World

Let the battle commence! You will build and modify a robot to compete in a series of robot games, including a small scale version of robot wars. The goal is for students to build their own robot and participate in local and international competitions. Grade 6 students may join this exploration following The Great Grade 6 Adventure.

Music Performance (including vocal group) – Sessions 1 and 2 – The Creative World

Calling all students already playing orchestral type instruments and in a vocal group! We have space for guitarists, keyboard/pianists and bass players. We practise and prepare our repertoire for the Halcyon Music Show in February and other performances. Grade 6 students may join this exploration following The Great Grade 6 Adventure.

School Show: Theatre Performance – Sessions 3 and 4 – The Creative World

Workshop and perform scenes from well-known plays and musicals, which are all based around a central theme! You will have the chance to collaborate, direct and workshop with students from Grade 6-10 and to perform our summer show at a nearby theatre. We’ll also use lots of improv activities and character work to help you develop your confidence and versatility as a performer!

Yearbook – Sessions 1, 2 and 3 – The Creative World

Help shape Halcyon yearbook’s special 10 year edition! Whether you are an artist, designer, writer, interviewer or want to try your hand at something new, we need you! You will be introduced to the Yearbook programme and will help decide upon the look and feel, features and templates of this year’s yearbook. Grade 6 students may join this Wxploration following The Great Grade 6 Adventure.

Session 1 – August 30 – November 8

Current Events – The Literate World

Do you wonder what’s taking place in the world around you and beyond? Or, do you already have a sense of current events and to discuss happenings with others? Through the Current Events Explorationyou’ll not only learn about modern day happenings, but also research the history and events leading up to the present.

Dance – The Active World

When in doubt, dance it out! Join our Dance Exploration to help develop your coordination, movement memory, and to learn about all different styles of dance. Each week, we will research various dance traditions, learn popular dance trends, choreograph your own dance moves with a friend, and even finish off by taking a hip hop class in a Mayfair dance studio.

Digital Art and Design – The Innovatie World

Do you love getting creative with tech? In this Exploration, we will explore a wide range of apps and digital tools for creating art, making animations and designing graphics. From traditional stop-motion animation to 3D modelling, AI art and art filmmaking – there’s something for everyone. At the end of this Exploration, we will showcase our work in a virtual exhibition in Spatial.io!.

Horse Riding – The Active World

Beginner and experienced riders are welcome to join Horseback Riding. Students will have the opportunity to build upon their patience and persistence while enjoying the time outdoors. This Exploration will be led by experienced riders/trainers and supervised by Halcyon staff.

Polymer Clay Jewellery – The Creative World

Join this Exploration and create vibrant jewellery pieces using polymer clay. In addition, you’ll learn refined sculpting techniques as well as master the fine craft of jewellery making. Come explore!

Squash – The Active World

Are you a tennis player interested in trying another racquet sport or a beginner wanting to learn a new activity? Try squash! Exploration session will be provided by an external squash instructor and supervised by Halcyon staff.

Session 2 – November 22 – February 7

Digital Photography – The Creative World

Join us and ttry a new technique to capture interesting, playful photographs, building a portfolio of photos. In the end, we’ll organise an exhibition of our best photos!

Dragon’s Den – The Innovative World

Do you have an idea you’d like to develop into a real-world product? This is your place. Use your design skills to create a product. Bring in your maths to determine your costs and potential pricing for consumers. Finally, bring it together to pitch your idea to local business people and potential ‘investors’.

Exploring AI – The Innovative World

Artificial Intelligence presents some incredible opportunities for people to improve their lives, but also comes with risks and challenges. In this Exploration, we will go well beyond ChatGPT and explore all aspects of AI, from trying different creative AI tools to debating the ethics of AI and even designing our own AI chatbots.

Exploring Dance in the Theatre and At the Movies – The Literate World

Do you love dance but want to understand what does Swan Lake have in common with Forty Second Street? Joins us and explore themes that run through dance in all its forms by watching and comparing dance performances. By the end of this Exploration, you will know more about the history, context and language of dance!

Ice Skating – The Active World

Are you looking to get some movement during the colder months? Ice skate at Queensway each Wednesday afternoon. Beginners can work with an instructor while experienced skaters are welcome to free skate.

World Cinema – The Literate World

This Exploration offers an insight into languages and cultures via the media of film. Students will choose, watch and discuss a film of a different genre, topic and language each meeting. This is the ideal opportunity for those of you who want to develop their awareness of different languages and cultures.

Session 3 – February 21 – April 24

Cyanotype Printing – The Inquisite World

If art and science excite you, this is your class. We will use science to make art! Using a specific chemical formula we will create cyanotype prints. Sunlight, objects, shadows and chemicals will combine to create photographic prints. We will master the quantity of chemicals needed and the exposure time, while creating unique art pieces.

Dragon’s Den – The Innovative World

Do you have an idea you’d like to develop into a real-world product? This is your place. Use your design skills to create a product. Bring in your maths to determine your costs and potential pricing for consumers. Finally, bring it together to pitch your idea to local business people and potential ‘investors’.

Eco/Natural History – The Inquistive World

Join this Exploratio and explore nature, learn to value biodiversity and take proactive environmental action. You will mindfully observe nature and artfully document your findings to create a portfolio that will last for years to come.

Social Enterprise – Making a Difference on Your Doorstep – The Social World

Are you interested in making a difference? In London, we are surrounded by incredible businesses that are putting the planet and people before profit. They may help the homeless with housing and employment or contribute to a greener planet. Hear from the creators of these enterprises and visit, research and begin to map those we can support including coffee shops, cafes, shops and activities.

Table Tennis and Badminton – The Active World

We welcome all table tennis and badminton lovers, whatever your level of skill. Come learn how to play badminton and table tennis. Play against other Halcyon students! All you need is an interest in the games and an enthusiasm to improve and learn new skills. In the end, all tudents will take part in a tournament!

Technology Entrepreneurs – The Social World

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the world of tech? We will look at examples of tech entrepreneurs and their journeys. Later, you will have the opportunity to design and prototype your own tech products to pitch to a tech industry professional! You’ll learn a lot of skills along the way, from Design Thinking and rapid prototyping to pitching, marketing and creating a business plan.

Session 4 – May 1 – June 26

Beginner’s Coding – The Literate World

New to coding? We will explore coding using online tools, LEGO robots and Microbits, starting with the basics of block coding. Learn how computer programs follow algorithms and how we can build our own algorithms for them to follow, incorporating sound, sensors and movements. We will also build mini games in Scratch for our own game arcade!

Environmental Economics – The Social World

Are you curious as to how businesses are reacting to global warming and steps they’re taking to combat climate change? Do you wonder about how becoming more environmentally friendly impacts their bottom line? Join this Exploration and research into local and global companies and programmes.

London Drain Hole Covers – The Inquisitive World

Have you ever noticed that all drain and manhole covers are unique? There is an overlooked art form here! We will explore London’s hidden manhole art, collecting the different designs through print and other transfer and rubbing techniques, making our own original art pieces while getting out and about in our city.

London Walks – The Inquisite World

Learn about the rich history and complexity of our city while getting some fresh air and exercise. Explore landmarks, wildlife, and culture. Trips vary from year to year depending upon where students have been previously and what the class would like to explore.

Media Challenges – The Social World

Do you enjoy expressing your opinion? Make your voice heard by engaging with the challenges facing our society. Explore media, through working on audio or video commentary projects, or illustrate an original single-panel cartoon to share your view on an issue or news event you care about. Would you rather take the mic and share an audio story that’s important to you? We can’t wait to hear your voice!

Tennis – The Active World

Join us on a weekly tennis outing! We’ll travel from Halycon to a local tennis court for both lessons and games. This exploration may return to Halcyon past 16:00.