Digital Learning at Halcyon

Our teachers take each of our students on a personalised learning journey that would be impossible without digital tools. Our team of innovative educators integrate these tools invisibly into their lessons; to make the excitement about the learning and not about the tool. The technology we use is a part of the student’s classroom toolkit, just like any other resource.

The digital revolution demands that we are constantly innovating, exploring new ways to learn and teach. We want to equip all of our students with a skillset that will allow them to flourish and prepare them for jobs that don’t yet exist.

We transform what happens inside and outside the classroom by pioneering leading practices in the purposeful use of technology.

G Suite for Education

More than just a tool for storage or searching, G Suite for Education offers everyone at Halcyon a set of tools and applications that have revolutionised previous systems of teaching and learning. With G Suite, collaboration and feedback are simple, instant and effective. They happen in every class and in every way imaginable! Students find that these programs provide an easy way to collaborate, innovate and stay organised.









1:1 Device Programme

Every student at Halcyon has their own device. Those in the younger years have an iPad; the senior grades bring in a laptop.  The one to one device programme allows students to communicate, create, collaborate and think critically in ways previously unimaginable. In doing so, students enjoy a deeper level of engagement in all of their classes.

Every Halcyon course has been carefully crafted by a team of highly experienced educators for our students and for our IB programme. These courses are delivered via Google Classroom (MYP) or Google Sites (DP). These platforms provide a clear and familiar interface for every subject, meaning that all learning materials are available anytime, anywhere.

Collaborative work on Google Sites

Multiple students can work on the same website at the same time. Many different resources can be added to the site including a topical Twitter feed to keep the work engaging and relevant.

Digital Citizenship

Halcyon students take a Digital Citizenship class as part of their curriculum. This teaches them to use technology safely and responsibly by teaching them concepts like scams (e.g. phishing), cyberbullying, digital footprints, security, identity theft, identifying appropriate sources, and the consequences of sharing online. This is supplemented by information shared with parents throughout the year.

Google Reference School

Halcyon is a Google Reference School. This means we have opted to connect with other schools and educators interested in using Google’s products. We provide advice and share best practice on everything from professional development to device deployment.

Being a Google Reference School means our students have the opportunity to be showcased in Education keynote presentations and our teachers benefit from Google Certifications as part of their professional learning.

Apple Regional Training Centre

Being selected as an Apple Regional Training Centre highlights our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We facilitate training for teachers across Central London and have created a community which shares best practice and inspires excellence through building educators’ skills and confidence to use Apple technology inside and outside the classroom.

At Halcyon, teachers can attain Apple Teacher status (a professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators).