Welcome Back Gwen Sears |



Welcome back Gwen Sears

Halcyon was pleased to welcome back one of our alumna, Gwen Sears, Class of ‘17, who returned to share her knowledge and experience of university life in general and the University of Richmond (in the US state of Virginia) with current Halcyon students. She was warmly welcomed by the school community, and it was especially meaningful to have a Halcyon graduate return to campus. Gwen and her sister Charlie were pleased to be back to visit their teachers. They even found one of their artworks on the wall!

Gwen works for her university Admissions office and for her second year, plans to focus her classes more towards the social sciences subjects like Sociology, Cultural studies and Anthropology as she starts to figure out what subject she would like to major in. She said that she enjoys the flexibility that American Universities provide by being able to take other quite unrelated classes like Ballet or American History within her curriculum. In her social life, she enjoys going to sports games and meeting up with her friends downtown outside of the campus. She hopes to get more involved in the large choice of clubs now that she is more settled into University life.

She urged Grade 12 to try lots of different things to take full advantage of university life, wherever they may end up.

As we grow our alumni over the years, we plan for this to become a regular occurrence and to involve the wider community.