WE Day 2019 |



WE Day 2019

This week, 9 of us from Global Issues Network and Eco Committee, alongside thousands of change-makers packed The SSE Arena, Wembley, for WE Day 2019.

WE day was a great experience, filled with inspirational talks, dancing and music. We learnt so much especially from the people whose terrible life stories you only see on the news. Amani Simpson told his heartbreaking story about how he was stabbed seven times and how it changed his outlook on life. He decided to take his terrible experience and make a short film about it to raise awareness of some of the dreadful incidents facing teens every day. Seeing them in real life really brought the story home and made us realise how much this world needs change.

Many influencers that we look up to, for example, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Iskra Lawrence, Julia Gillard and many more, made the experience more motivational, and this experience will help us to do more in our own community as well. Something that will stay with us was seeing that anyone can achieve anything. This was shown vividly through Isabelle Weall. She had a cold that developed into a virus which meant that she had to have both her arms and legs amputated. Her attitude to life after this traumatic experience was to keep going and she has managed to do things that she couldn't have dreamt of doing. She is a true inspiration for everyone and getting to hear her made us realise how lucky we are and that we need to take more opportunities when they come our way.  

The most valuable thing that we have brought away from WE day is that if everyone does a small service it will benefit the world so much. We realised how much even a small service can have an impact.

Written by Camilla and Maya Grade 7