Student Wellbeing - This Year’s Goals |



Student Wellbeing – This year’s goals

At Halcyon, for the year of 2018/19, we aim to build a proactive culture of reflection and trust.

"Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies are developed and reinforced not by programs but rather in the context of supportive environments, which lead to asset-building, risk reduction, enhanced health behaviours, and greater attachment to and engagement in School." Elias, M. (2008) et al.

The skills we are focusing on developing are:


Have a clear and positive concept of self, a sense of optimism and a sense of coherence

Understanding social situations and making relationships

Able to care for others, trust others, have autonomy and communicate effectively

Understanding, expressing and managing our emotions

Able to experience a full range of emotions, have resilience and determination (Weare, K. 2004)


We promote these skills through:

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum

The PSHE curriculum at Halcyon is structured around the following topics:

  • Self-control - including the promotion of balance surrounding the use of technology and other mindfulness practices
  • Wisdom - studying the concepts of intelligence and how to access information
  • Morals and Ethics - through moral-based topics understanding integrity
  • Courage - learning the difference between courage and bravado and understanding resilience
  • Fairness/Equality - visiting local courts and studying democracy
  • My Body - looking at concepts of sleep, diet and sexual health
  • My Mind - studying neurology, anxiety and the regulation of emotions
  • Compassion/Kindness - creating a gratitude calendar and looking at the concept of ‘Pay it forward”
  • Economics - concepts of thrift, debt and financial interest

Some resources that inspire us: