#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Digital Workouts In PHE |



#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Digital Workouts in PHE

Throughout the Remote Learning period, our teachers have innovatively adapted our virtual learning environment to be more than just an online classroom. Our team has developed ways for our students to overcome the potential challenges of isolation, social distancing and wellbeing - and finding ways for our community to exercise at home is a key part of this.

Our PHE team has encouraged students to follow Joe Wicks’ workouts on YouTube in their spare time, as well as Yoga with Adriene - a source which provides great workouts for both physical and mental wellbeing. The World Health Organisation suggests that children between 5-17 years should have 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day and, while this may be difficult at the moment, the above resources (and Ms Gardner’s workouts, available on our Wellbeing FlipGrid) can help students stay active. 

Our PHE teachers have set Grade 6 and 8 the challenge of recording their own 20 minutes ‘Joe Wicks’ workouts. In kitchens and living rooms across London, our students have been creatively planning and demonstrating exercise sequences that we can all learn from, sharing tips and suggestions while they move to help guide their peers in developing a workout that fits their individual needs. 

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Keen to connect with our London community in the face of physical distance, the host of challenges that our students and teachers are engaging with has expanded to include the ‘2.6 challenge’, a fundraising activity initiative that emerged in light of the London Marathon’s cancellation. In response to this, our students used Padlet to share responses ranging from 2.6 mile walks to 36 minute fully body workouts - encouraging their peers to design personalised routines to fit their own individual needs.

The importance of exercise to wellbeing at home extends to the routines of our staff, too. Staff Wellbeing Project Leaders Celeste Gardner has led Wednesday morning workouts for staff via Google Meet on a weekly basis, encouraging teachers to feel positive and energised as they begin their morning lessons.