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G10 Genocide Conference

On Monday 10 December, G10 history students organised a conference about the Rohingya, Armenian and Cambodian genocides, giving the audience an opportunity to become more aware of several of the genocides that took place in the past century. The conference was attended by students from Vicente Cañada Blanch Spanish School, students from Halcyon, Facing History representatives, as well as Susan Pollock, a Holocaust survivor.  

Students spoke about the Rohingya, Armenian and Cambodian genocides and explained the identity, membership and belonging, case history, judgement and finally memory and legacy of each of the genocides. Susan Pollock delivered a moving speech about her experiences during the Holocaust and the extent to which it affected her. This event ended with an activity which everyone took part in; decorating stones and spreading them around London as a tribute to the genocides and to raise awareness about the atrocities of genocide.

The students spent five weeks planning the genocide conference, carrying out research using various sources including books and websites. The pupils learned a lot about group coordination and working collaboratively. The research process, despite being hard and time-consuming, proved to be worth the effort in the end and provided excellent content for the well-delivered student presentations.