Community Spotlight: IB Chemistry Teacher, Dr Saba Lodhi



Community Spotlight: IB Chemistry Teacher, Dr Saba Lodhi

Community Spotlight Banner Image depicts Dr Saba Lodhi our IB Chemistry teacher

Dr Saba Lodhi is an environmental activist, science researcher, and our very own IB chemistry teacher.

Saba has a gallery of international experiences, from working at a charity school in Milan, to teaching chemistry and kickstarting The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme while in South East Asia, then later teaching and leading Women in STEM movements across Berlin.

In every destination, Saba has transcended the classroom, mobilising environmental action and strengthening the cultural fibre of women in science.

She says, “The world needs a balance in how decisions are made about us. That will come with more representation of women.” 

IB Chemistry Teacher Coordinates Women in STEM Assembly

Saba works collaboratively with both staff and students, engaging in real world issues. Her role in the Eco Committee means she is often working on a community initiative, whether it’s co-ordinating the recent Women in STEM assembly at Halcyon, or assisting students with the sustainability pop-up show. 

Saba is quick to point out that these events are only possible because of students’ and colleagues’ willingness to work together. “At Halcyon, what is unique is the warm friendly community of staff, teachers and students.” 

A Day In The Life Of an IB Chemistry Teacher

A day in the life of Saba is most often spent teaching in the lab, where she takes a shared learning approach to Science and IB Chemistry, buoyed by the diversity of thoughts and expressions of students at Halcyon. 

“The way learning is done here, students are able to show their thinking. You can see the tactility of their learning, they can make a note on the table next to them, or collaborate freely with another student. What excites me the most is seeing how they connect with the lesson.”

“I feel special in chemistry, my students have a passion to master what they are learning. They often bring connections to the learning from other lessons – whether it be languages or art – which makes it a fun and authentic application to chemistry in real life.” 

The Importance Of Sustainability

When Saba is not in the lab or campaigning for women in science, she is sewing her own clothes, upcycling recycled materials and turning them into beautiful garments. 

“I try to wear something I've made every day and abstain from buying something new. The creative aspect of sewing and making helps me unwind and gives clarity to my teaching work, it allows me to pattern my thoughts about how I might approach a lesson.” 

When asked about her favourite memories at Halcyon, Saba laughs: “there are too many memories”  before sharing experiences of outdoor learning days, such as the Grade 7 Drama in the Woods trip, where she worked with students to build shelters in nature. 

Saba often describes Halcyon as a “family”- noting how well connected the staff team are from all departments are and how collaboration opportunities occur naturally.

“We are a family school which makes it different from going to an ordinary school and simply doing your work. We are part of one big community, we are a family with a common goal. We all hold on to that as we grow.”