Community Spotlight: Kerry Jenkins, IB MYP Coordinator And Teacher Of Science |



Community Spotlight: Kerry Jenkins, IB MYP Coordinator and Teacher of Science

IB MYP Coordinator and Teacher of Science, Kerry Jenkins is this month's community spotlight

Kerry Jenkins, Halcyon’s IB MYP Coordinator, is one of our longest standing members of Staff – starting out as an MYP Science teacher in 2015 - and she continues to bring fresh perspective to our delivery of the MYP across disciplines.

Kerry wears many hats, juggling her teaching responsibilities with broader strategic work, illuminating the MYP curriculum with a passion for education that shines through in conversation. 

"What I love about Halcyon’s working environment is that it’s not only the nature of people, but there is a sense of trust, we all take risks and responsibilities together. 

"We are united in the willingness to take a risk, try something, and shake things up together."

Proudest Achievements

When asked about her proudest achievements at Halcyon, Kerry is quick to credit the broader community of Halcyon staff, the support and insight of fellow longstanding colleague, Lori Fritz (Diploma Programme Coordinator), as well the collaborative nature of Halcyon.

“I work really closely with Nito [Student Wellbeing Leader] and Barry [Director], you find yourself in lots of different pockets. It’s been really cool from a professional aspect to grow in multiple different areas during my time here. In a larger institution it might be more hierarchical, the broader staff body at Halcyon has more autonomy than other institutions, allowing for more creativity.”

Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs)

A key project in Kerry’s portfolio is the coordination of Halcyon’s Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs), which enable students to merge two subjects into real world projects. The process of elevating students beyond the means of their classroom and equipping them with meaningful, real life skills, is a part of the role Kerry is particularly passionate about delivering.

“If we are thinking of the real world, we are never working in our own silo. The world is set up to make connections, to build upon knowledge from one skill to another. It makes sense to set students up for that.

“One of the things I really like about the new IDU criteria is that students are asked about the future benefits of their projects: how they will apply this learning outside of school. The project has depth, because it blends the knowledge and skills from two subjects, to examine what they mean to you.”

Alongside her colleagues, Kerry has coordinated significant milestones in the MYP, such as securing an additional hour of MYP teaching time for all MYP students.

“We are a team that looks at what is best for each student. I’m proud each student reaches their own potential in whatever capacity that might be.”

Favourite Part of Working at Halcyon

Aside from being located next to her favourite independent coffee joint, So French, Kerry’s favourite part of working at Halcyon is the people.

“Halcyon is full of people who are caring, intelligent, amazing practitioners. It’s their diverse outlook on life and education. They are really reflective about the IB profile, it’s what makes Halcyon a really great place to work. 

“I’m really proud we have such incredibly talented teachers - rich in expertise and passionate about their practice. I don’t see anywhere else as forward thinking as Halcyon. At its heart, it’s caring. It’s a special place and we want to make sure every kid has the best possible experience.”

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