Halcyon Community Spotlight: Alex Castellarin



Community Spotlight: Alex Castellarin, Class of 2023

Class of 2023 graduate and Halcyon bursary alum, Alex Castellarin is pictured in his Halcyon graduation robe

Class of 2023 Graduate, Alex Castellarin, talks to us about his experience of Halcyon's pioneering approach to education, how it has prepared him for his next steps and the transformative impact of our Bursary Programme.

Earlier this year, Alex, a proud member of Halcyon London International School’s Class of 2023, and his mother, Dr. Iona Bramati, shared with us their experiences, highlighting how Halcyon's innovative approach to education, the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes and its Bursary Programme have played pivotal roles in Alex's journey. Their perspectives serve as living testaments to the Halcyon’s commitment to nurturing the unique potential of each student.

Halcyon's Pioneering Education

For Alex, the shift from his previous school to Halcyon was nothing short of a revelation. The physical environment, coupled with the vibrant social atmosphere, opened up new possibilities. "It provided a whole new view of what was possible to achieve," reflects Alex, underlining the impact of Halcyon's unique approach had on his educational experience.

However, it wasn't just the environment that left an indelible mark on Alex; it was the holistic approach to education that truly set Halcyon apart. The emphasis on peer and mentor support created a nurturing atmosphere, propelling Alex to reach his full potential. "Learning at Halcyon gave me a completely different perspective of how people think, behave, and pursue their educational prowess," he shares. The global perspective gained from interacting with international peers broadened his horizons, while the collective determination of the student body inspired a newfound sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Academic Studies at Halcyon: Developing A Disciplined Attitude

Among the qualities that Alex is most proud of is his development of a disciplined attitude to his academic studies. Halcyon's rigorous academic environment and the support mechanisms in place for effective time management equipped him with skills that continue to serve him well. "This, paired with discipline, helped me achieve the grades that I desired and, further down the line, helped me achieve my personal goals,” Alex affirms, showcasing the lasting impact of Halcyon's educational philosophy. “Halcyon provided an experience that I will never forget, one that I will always cherish as the best educational experience I’ve had.”

Dr. Iona Bramati, Alex’s mother, expresses profound gratitude for the transformative journey that Halcyon facilitated for her son. "The innovative and inclusive atmosphere at Halcyon unleashed his capabilities and nurtured his passion for learning, shaping him into the confident and knowledgeable young man he is today," she reflects.

Halcyon's Commitment to Community

Central to Alex's success at Halcyon was the bursary support provided by the school. This financial aid not only alleviated financial concerns but also instilled in Alex a profound sense of belonging and worth within the Halcyon community. Dr. Bramati acknowledges that “the bursary stands as a testament to the school's dedication to educational equity and inclusivity,” recognizing that it played a crucial role in her son's growth and development.

As Alex prepares to embark on his next academic adventure at university, Dr. Bramati reflects on the indelible impact Halcyon has had on his life: “The school’s emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and global awareness has prepared him well for the challenges and opportunities of higher education and beyond. We are deeply grateful for the transformative effect Halcyon London International School and the bursary have had on his journey, and we are excited to see how he will apply these invaluable lessons in his future.”

Alex and Dr. Iona Bramati’s words stand as powerful reflections of Halcyon's pioneering IB education and its commitment to drawing out the unique potential of each student. The bursary programme, as evidenced by Alex's journey, not only provides financial assistance but also fosters a sense of community and inclusivity, ensuring that every student can thrive in an environment that celebrates individuality and excellence. 

Alex is currently studying BSc Business Management, Digital Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at City, University of London.

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