Director's Message

Welcome to Halcyon London International School.

Halcyon is guided by a clear mission – to provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student – and is built upon three pillars: innovation, collaboration and community. We embrace change and challenge, strive collaboratively and individually for fulfilment, and support and respect each other. We are constantly looking for new approaches, each with a clear and purposeful impact on the quality and efficacy of learning for everyone in the community. I am proud to be leading a talented and dedicated group of teachers, who share the understanding that learning is a social and collaborative endeavour, and that our role is to provide students with the agency to be self-directed, creative, and independent. Student wellbeing – a sense of having a place, an identity and a purpose in our learning community – underpins successful learning, and this is a central part of everyone’s learning journey at our school.

We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Not only does the IB provide a widely-respected university entrance qualification, but it also offers a framework that allows every child the opportunity to fulfil their unique potential. While providing the challenging, academic IB Diploma programme in Grades 11 and 12, Halcyon provides personal learning time, ‘Exploration’ learning, and individual mentoring for all students.

Halcyon is not-for-profit and forward-thinking. We ask how our understandings about the World change, and how that might be made real in the classroom. We are purposefully and thoughtfully a digital school, and we foster life-long learning skills such as teamwork and collaborative problem-solving, an outward international outlook, and a sense of wonder and joy in discovery. This, in turn, enables students to be self-directed, independent and intellectually curious – habits of mind that will support them far beyond the classroom. We seek to provide a life-readying education and to do so in a collaborative, caring, and open community.

If you would like to be a part of a vibrant, innovative educational community in the heart of London, please do visit our school and enjoy the unique Halcyon experience.

Kind regards,

Barry Mansfield, Director

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student.


In a culture of innovation, all learners are encouraged to be creative problem-solvers. To achieve this, we are intellectual explorers, with the courage to take risks, to discover and to transform. This culture is supported by an innovative wellbeing programme, reflection and collaboration, and the willingness to embrace difficult questions and demand purposeful, research-led, answers. The International Baccalaureate curriculum supports innovative practice by developing students’ independent, critical thinking skills. All our learning is enriched by leading-edge digital resources, fully integrated into our classroom practice.


Collaboration is at the core of our practice, as a community of life-long learners. We intentionally create an environment that encourages and develops collaborative learning and teaching through the promotion of trust, mutual respect, and shared values and leadership. This is present in all our relationships: in our classrooms and learning workshops, in our open learning spaces, in our student-mentor coaching dialogues, and through the passion of student leadership and engagement. Collaborative practice is supported by our wellbeing programme and an emphasis on restorative practice, fostering ownership, agency, voice, and belonging.


Our school is committed to creating an inclusive, diverse community that values and respects each person. Halcyon understands that successful communities learn and create together, supported by a culture of shared values. We work to ensure all members of the school community feel welcome to contribute and that they belong, having appropriate agency and ownership within the school. Just as we value the possibility of all students fulfilling their unique potential, we actively nurture the same opportunities for growth for everyone in our community. We also commit ourselves to service learning, supporting other communities and engaging with wider social challenges.

HalcyonOur Mission