Life After Halcyon

Halcyon students go on to the world’s best universities, including Oxbridge, Ivy League, Russell Group, top Canadian universities, highly-competitive performance arts and medical school programmes, and a wide range of other international programmes.

Our school mission asks us to focus on the individual student and ensure that we realise their full potential. Examination results should be about acknowledging and celebrating the many different, individual successes at Halcyon. You can read about all our graduates below.

Halcyon Firsts

First Graduating Class

Class of 2017

First Graduate to attend Oxbridge
Cambridge University

First Graduate to go to Japan
Temple University

First Graduate to go to an Ivy League University
Dartmouth College

First Graduate to go to Medical School
Liverpool University

First Graduate to go to the Netherlands
Delft University

First Graduate to go to Italy
Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

Graduating Class of 2019



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