Class of 2020

Our school mission asks us to focus on the individual student and ensure that we realise their full potential. Therefore, examination results should be about acknowledging and celebrating the many different, individual successes.

I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to our Class of 2020. This has been an extraordinary year and our students have had to show great resilience and self-discipline to complete their studies in the shadow of uncertainty about their examinations and final results. Each of our graduates has achieved something very special, maintaining a sense of purpose while the world has been closing down around them. They have been denied the opportunity to perform in final examinations, and seen their final weeks in school – part academic completion, part celebration – taken from them. And yet, they have been supportive of each other, compassionate, determined, and hugely positive. They are outstanding individuals, and an extraordinary class, and I am certain each of them will contribute enormously to making our world a better place.

This is our fourth graduating cohort and we continue to celebrate ‘Halcyon firsts’: our first graduate going to study dentistry; our first graduate to go to LSE; and our first graduates going to study at universities in Ireland and Spain. Our graduates leave us to study a diverse range of courses, including Art and Design, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Law, Medicine, Politics and Psychology.

On behalf of everyone in the Halcyon School community, I would like to share our heartfelt congratulations with the Class of 2020, and send our very best wishes to each of them as they open exciting new chapters in their lives.

Barry Mansfield

IBDP Results 2020

Halcyon Firsts

First Graduating Class of 2017

First Graduate to attend Oxbridge
Cambridge University

First Graduate to go to Japan
Temple University

First Graduate to go to an Ivy League University
Dartmouth College

First Graduate to go to Medical School
Liverpool University

First Graduate to go to the Netherlands
Delft University

First Graduate to go to Italy
Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

First Graduate to study Dentistry
Queen Mary University of London

First Graduate to study Music
London Music College (BIMM)

HalcyonIBDP Results 2020