Halcyon Online Auction 2019

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Help Halcyon reach our fundraising goal of £100,000.

We are raising funds to broaden our bursary programme so that 4 or more young people can benefit from Halcyon’s unique educational experience and to further diversify our community. Our Online Auction is now closed. However, there are still ways for you to support us.

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Halcyon Auction 2019

Each year, Halcyon hosts both an online and live auction. This year, the funds raised will support our growing bursary programme.


  • Our Online Auction will be hosted on our website between Thursday 21 March and Saturday 6 April 2019, where you can bid on a variety of exciting donations from staff, students, parents and local businesses.
  • We are hosting a Live Quiz and Auction Night on Thursday 4 April 2019 at 1845 to 2000, where you can enjoy drinks and food, a student-run quiz, and also have the chance to bid on some special auction items only available on the evening.

Last year, our community reached our goal by contributing with people power, creativity and donations and purchases. From spreading the word, donating an item or service, attending our evening’s event, bidding in our online auction, or buying a £5 raffle ticket, everyone can participate!


Halcyon is nurturing a socially, culturally and economically diverse community that reflects the global world in which we live. We offer a bursary programme to provide access to our life-readying Halcyon education for any eligible student. We believe this programme will expand the horizons of everyone in our community by:


People from different backgrounds can contribute new ideas, enabling a more creative process in challenging the status quo. Students enjoy increased self-confidence in a more diverse community where everyone’s ideas are valued.


Learning to communicate and collaborate with people from other backgrounds and cultures reduces stereotyping and promotes harmony. Students are more likely to have agency within their community when they have a deeper respect and understanding of those around them.


A diverse community allows students to develop interpersonal competencies just by coming to schoolWe are fostering future leaders who are able to navigate dynamic, multicultural environments. Students are more likely to stand up to prejudice and unfairness in society if they have learned to treat one another with respect and tolerance.

In 2015, we launched our Bursary Programme and supported a Diploma Programme student through their studies. Thanks to the success of last year’s auction and overall school growth, Halcyon has been able to develop the school’s bursary policy. The new policy:

  • Is available to any new eligible student from Grades 6-11 (previously Grades 11-12 only)
  • Now provides up to 100% financial support based on external means testing
  • Provides an annual financial contribution from Halcyon to the programme which will grow each year along with the school’s expansion.

What a Halcyon bursary means for a family

Grace graduated in 2018 and is thriving at California Baptist University in the USA studying Political Science and Business.

Halcyon allowed me to flourish and prepared me to walk into my first year of university with confidence. Attending Halcyon allowed me to grow academically and socially, and helped me develop my own unique perspective of the world. I was pushed to think critically, collaborate, and deepen my ability to analyse the world around me. Halcyon was an incredible blessing and it would not have been possible for me without the generosity of the bursary programme.” Grace, bursary Diploma student.

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