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Becoming a Halcyon Funder

Our funders are central to creating extraordinary learning experiences for our students. Since our foundation in 2013, we are thankful to have had the opportunity to share new milestones and moments of joy with everyone who has contributed to our bursary programme.

Halcyon’s community of alumni is growing and flourishing. As of 2021, we are celebrating 4 graduation classes, and continuing to nurture our lifelong connections with these members of our community who are fulfilling their aspirations every day. It is through the creation of an international, diverse, and rewarding environment that our students are able to grow and challenge themselves as learners, leaders, and change-makers.

Our community fulfills Halcyon’s mission of drawing out the unique potential of each student by celebrating every individual and their achievements. It is our pleasure to share these updates with our funders – and it is truly special to be able to be a part of the unique journeys that these young people take.

By becoming a Halcyon funder, you are becoming a part of our community – our milestones, achievements, and success stories – for life.

Learn more about the Bursary Programme

To learn more about what the Bursary Programme means to a Halcyon family and our community, hear from one of our graduates who benefitted from the Bursary Programme, and our Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Bursary Programme


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Life at Halcyon

Your donation allows us to create more opportunities for young people through pioneering educational experiences that engage and empower. We hope you are inspired by our students’ stories of leadership and community on our student life page, and that you enjoy reading more about our enriched IB curriculum. We are grateful to be able to share with you some reflections from our alumni on their time at Halcyon: we invite you to read Clara’s story and Isaac’s story.