Outdoor Classroom Day

We are keen for Halcyon students to enjoy the benefits of learning in natural environments which led us to observe Outdoor Classroom Day on Wednesday. Learning outdoors enables students to appreciate nature, improves wellbeing and concentration and facilitates new ways of learning.

During Outdoor Classroom Day, for G7 English, the students were doing sensory activities, tasting various foods, to prepare them for writing a poem about Hyde Park. The G9 and G11 classes were performing parts of the plays we are currently studying - Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew and Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. 

G10 lay in the grass looking up at the grand old trees and created art with what they saw. They observed shape and texture as part of their theoretical learning.

G7Y used the painting apps on their iPads to capture the light in nature. This was also in response to their studies on Impressionism.


G11 Biology
Having the opportunity to run freely amongst the trees, G11 biology students used their time in Hyde Park to develop their understanding of lung function and exercise. The students measured their respiratory rates and tidal volume to investigate the effects of exercise on the respiratory system.

G11 Physics
The students spent the day finding the Geographic and Magnetic North using a Magnetic Field Sensor.

G10 Chemistry and G11 Environmental Systems
These students studied water testing and sampling for human pollutants in the water in Hyde Park. They studied chemical and physical indicators studying things such as water temperature, PH, oxygen and nitrate levels and turbidity.