Jennifer Thiessen, Human Resources and Compliance Manager

What can I say about myself other than the fact that I am a millionaire… An emotional millionaire! :)
I think that I represent a vast majority of the population who are chocoholics (Personal best is 10 big bars a day), and I balance that out with equal amounts of fruit, veg and being outdoors. In fact, I spent a lot of my childhood barefoot, climbing trees, building huts and roaming the beautiful countryside around Lake Constance (where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet), indulging in both my own thoughts and tête-à-têtes. Sharing in someone's stories is one of the most fascinating and important things for me, which is probably what I loved most about being a physiotherapist, one of the many jobs I have done.  

- I have worked in places ranging from psychiatric clinics, fishing boats, offices and national parks.
- With people ranging from bedouins, corporate boards, politicians and entrepreneurs.
- Within a variety of sectors such as technology, banking, research, retail, culture and education.
- I have been fortunate to run projects ranging from community healthcare, employee rewards and training, to charity projects, language workshops and running a windsurfing centre.

Today's sweeping statement is that I think we are all born good. I have researched this extensively by travelling the world, living and working in many countries including Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil, France and Egypt which has reaffirmed my innate belief in the goodness of human nature - if nurtured. So you can imagine that being surrounded by the living legends that frequent Halcyon is a real dream for me!

Halcyon is the kind of school I would have wished for myself and I believe that many of the world's challenges can be tackled and turned into something good by learning to understand ourselves and others, to be understood and be a part of our community. I hope to do my bit to help our wonderful staff to help our wonderful students.