Staff Member: Chloe MacBean, Design Teacher

Chloe is a Design Technology teacher, specialising in Product Design and Graphic Products. Chloe has gained invaluable experience in teaching and developing units for MYP level, GCSE, A-Level and the DP, covering all areas of Design Technology for schools in London and Hong Kong over the past nine years. After completing a degree in History of Design with Studio Practice at Loughborough University, Chloe went into the fashion industry gaining full awareness of how the design process fits successfully into the world of business, before training as a teacher in London.

Through her experience and understanding that the design cycle is all encompassing, she encourages her pupils to experiment with a variety of materials including the resistant materials, modern and smart materials, food, electronics and textiles. Chloe strongly believes in the application of Design Technology to benefit and enhance the lives of everyone and the world around us, promoting considered sustainable design at each stage of the cycle.