Basi Amodu, Student Counsellor

The aim of counselling is to provide students with a confidential contained space and opportunity for them to explore their thoughts and feelings in safety in order to assist their learning, healing, understanding and growth. Basi's role is to help students through this process without judgement, or telling them what to do. Basi uses talking therapy and non-directive creative methods; however, she may on occasions give information or offer suggestions if the young person feels comfortable and with their agreement. Basi also uses an integrative approach and a model, which focuses on the importance of four elements; relationship, therapeutic creativity, self-awareness and change. She feels each student’s story is unique, and uses various counselling and therapeutic methods to support them to reach self-reliance, resilience and understanding of their own lives. Basi works in a holistic way believing in a trilateral approach of student, home and school working together.