Barry Mansfield, Director


Barry has impressive and broad experience in young and established schools, multiple involvements in implementing the IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes, proven track record in embedding student well-being, notable digital commitment and broad exposure to senior administrative responsibilities. He joined Halcyon from International School of Paris and has previously worked in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kenya.

Barry shared a quote with us that he felt highlighted what he values and what he can deliver as Director. A high performance school culture is one with established “norms and practices that lead to trust and mutual respect, continuous, improvement, team-focused collaboration, clarity of thought, the candid expression of views and interpersonal accountability for the fulfilment of commitments” (Dennis Spark, Results, 2003). 

Originally from England, Barry chose to come back not because this is his home but to be part of Halcyon's innovative learning environment. After learning of the school’s commitment to innovation, the IB programme, to digital learning, and to student wellbeing; the role as Director at Halcyon appealed to Barry as an exciting opportunity where he will be leading the school to continue to pioneer and grow.