The IB selects Halcyon staff for important roles

Halcyon is delighted to announce that more of our teachers have been chosen for the IB to work in important roles. These appointments show how experienced and capable our teachers are as they have been chosen from applicants all over the world.

  • Elisabet Aleu will receive training next week to become an IBMYP Consultant and School Visitor.
  • Lenny Dutton is now part of the team developing the MYP eportfolio for Design Technology.
  • Noelia Zago will be trained as a Workshop Leader for the IB Diploma Programme.

At Halcyon, we support and encourage our teachers to experience working for the IB as we believe that teachers are essential for an excellent education and their professional development is key.

Having teachers who collaborate with the IB also enables Halcyon to keep up-to-date with the IB Programmes and helps us in our goal to become a leading school in the IB world.