The IB bilingual Diploma

As an IB candidate school, Halcyon embraces the IB mission statement valuing each student’s linguistic heritage and language profile and ensuring all students can address their mother tongue entitlement. The importance of developing a mother tongue language is to build self-esteem, cognitive ability and ultimately academic success. It will also provide opportunities for students to study in and use their mother tongue in other subjects. Halcyon students who study a literature course in a language other than English will get the bilingual Diploma.

Because we believe in inter-cultural education and international mindedness, we encourage and support all of our students to participate in lessons in their mother tongue. This year in the Halcyon Mother Tongue Programme there are currently six languages (Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, German, Swedish and Spanish) being studied by more than 15 students on a weekly basis. If you walk through any of our corridors and listen carefully you can hear the little Babel of Halcyon. We encourage the continued development of our students’ mother tongues because we believe that having more than one linguistic perspective enhances our depth of understanding of the world.