The Education of the Future

Following our technological ethos, Halcyon’s IB Diploma Programme students will have the opportunity to take one of their subjects as an online course through Pamoja Education.

Pamoja Education is an educational institution based in Oxford, UK, which provides IB World Schools with online courses that are fully developed and delivered by IB-approved online course providers. The online IB Diploma Programme courses will provide our students with a truly global learning experience, preparing them for an internet-enabled world.

The courses are highly interactive in nature, providing a global classroom through which our students can have contact with teachers and other students from many geographical regions. Students will have a weekly number of study hours at school that they will dedicate exclusively to their Pamoja online courses. These study sessions will be supervised and will be overseen by a Pamoja Site-based Co-ordinator.

Elisabet Aleu will be Halcyon’s Pamoja Site-based Co-ordinator. She will provide students with support as well as being the liaison between the school, the students and Pamoja Education. She will monitor the students’ allocated hours of class work, homework and overall progress. Elisabet has experience monitoring the Pamoja Education online courses at her previous IB international school.