Julia Watson, Theatre Arts Teacher

Julia believes that a Drama classroom is a unique and exciting space that is alive with ideas, energy and creativity. She views drama as an incredible tool that can be used to explore and teach a range of topics that not only relate to theatre but can also be applied across other subject areas.

As well as being an assistant examiner for the IB Diploma Theatre course, Julia has taught the IB Diploma Programme for over 10 years and the IB Middle Years Programme for 5 years. She has previously been an IBMYP Personal Project Co-ordinator at an IB School in London and she is excited to work with Halcyon students on their projects. 

Julia was born and raised in the United States, and has a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University in Speech Communication, Theatre and English. Her Theatre background has mainly focused on directing and stage management, having worked on productions in New York, Edinburgh and London. 

When she is not teaching, Julia enjoys participating in volunteer work or helping out on various theatre festivals and events.