IB Diploma Programme News

Halcyon is currently going through the process of authorisation to become an IB Diploma Programme school. It is important that the entire Halcyon community is fully informed throughout this exciting journey, so we will be featuring regular IB Diploma Programme items in our blog. This is the first one:

Introduction to the IB Diploma Programme team 
Halcyon is delighted to be introducing the IB Diploma Programme core team who have already been working very hard on the authorisation process. 

We have a group of highly-qualified and dedicated teachers to implement the curriculum. They are knowledgeable, compassionate, competent and specially trained to teach and deliver the IBDP curriculum to the highest standard. 

Noelia Zago, IB Diploma Co-ordinator 
Noelia Zago has worked within IB programmes for her entire teaching career, over 14 years. She is a highly experienced teacher in all of the courses offered in Groups 1 and 2 (Studies in Language and Literature and Language acquisition) and has been an Extended Essay supervisor and CAS project leader for many years. As a teacher delivering the IB curriculum and as a verification team member for the IB, she has gained a more holistic view of the education that Halcyon aims to provide its students. It has enabled her to travel within Europe, visiting schools, understand other educational contexts and to meet leading world educationalists. She began as an examiner in 2008 and has gradually added roles to complement her experience. Her IB roles now include being a face-to-face workshop leader and consultant, helping schools to become IB schools. She also is a member of several verification teams. 

Oisin Byrne, Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Co-ordinator 
Oisin Byrne is fascinated by the ToK course. He finds it rewarding to guide IB Diploma students through their exploration of knowledge questions, ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. In the past he has very much enjoyed listening to ToK presentations and working with students as they develop their thinking skills and further their knowledge about knowledge.

Exploring indigenous knowledge systems and discussing what we can learn from them is of particular interest. Oisin is hopeful that this will be a course which engages the students and one from which they can learn a great deal about themselves and the world they live in.

Julia Watson , Creativity Action Service (CAS) Co-ordinator 
Julia Watson is actively involved in charity work in London. She has also been involved with CAS projects and students at previous schools for over 10 years.  At a previous school, Julia helped to coordinate a month long trip to Namibia, where students worked at two local schools. The students raised money by providing services for the school community. 

Claire Mills, Extended Essay (EE) Co-ordinator 
Claire Mills has been an IB Teacher for 4 years (teaching IBDP History and IBDP Geography, at both Standard and Higher Level). In her previous post as Head of Humanities Faculty, Claire coordinated the allocation and supervision of approximately 50 Extended Essays within the Group 1 (English) and Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) subjects, covering English A, History, Economics, Geography and Politics. In addition, she has experience of the "World Studies" option now available for the EE and has personally been a supervisor for several EEs in the past.

Elani McDonald, University Counsellor
Elani McDonald has been fortunate to be directly involved with the application process of several students who have been accepted to prestigious universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UCL, Imperial College London & London School of Business & Economics. At her previous school, she was responsible for overseeing the SAT programme, including (but not limited to) maintaining the test centre status of the school. 

Part of her role as IBMYP Co-ordinator at a previous school was liaising with universities if they were unsure of the IBMYP grading and to help them understand the holistic nature of the IBMYP. This included meeting with admission officers on various occasions.  She was also responsible for providing advice and guidance for group 4 (Sciences) subject choices. 

We will be sharing more information on the IBDP from time to time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Halcyon’s IBDP Co-ordinator, Noelia Zago.