Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles were established by the founding students in September 2013.

Guiding statement:


Guiding Principles:

Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Respect everyone in the Halcyon community.

Be your own leader.

Help others in Halcyon and in the wider community.

Work as a team.

Take pride in your work.

Don't be afraid to take risks.  

Be happy.

Operating guidelines:

The operating guidelines are based on establishing individual qualities, including: equality, creativity, leadership, independence, Integrity and individuality


Listen to everyone when they speak

Respect the school environment

Show empathy to other people

Try your hardest and ask for help when you need it

Think “outside the box”

Come to school fully prepared for the day

Be punctual and keep to deadlines


Bully people.

Take out your anger on other people around you.

“Take flight like the Kingfisher”

Health and Safety rules

In order to ensure that Halcyon students and staff can operate in a healthy and safe school environment the following rules apply:

Inside the building

Walk everywhere and keep to the right on the stairs.

The lift is exclusively for Beginnings nursery, so please do not use it.

Always wear your security lanyard with your photo ID.

Never bring drugs, alcohol or chewing gum to school.

Never go outside the physical limits of the school.  The following areas are strictly off limits and are separated from the rest of the building by electronic doors:

o The kitchen and basement area.

o The stairs behind the Grub Hub / student toilets.

o The mezzanine landing

Please do not go into the following rooms without a teacher:

o The Hall.

o The staff workroom or library on the mezzanine floor.

o The rooms through the big doors on the first floor.

Outside the building

Walk in pairs on the pavements.

Be very careful crossing roads and obey your accompanying teachers.

Be mindful of your own personal security e.g. keep your mobile phones and iPads out of sight.

Store the school telephone number in your phone, you never know when you might need it.