Introducing...Our Pioneering Catering Team

We are privileged to announce that dynamic school meals specialists, Eagle Solutions Services, will deliver Halcyon’s in-house catering service under the leadership of our Catering Manager, Patsy Didier Serre.


If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the canteen should be the heart of a school. We are planning to achieve a food service that is the platinum standard for school catering. Through integrating food education into the curriculum, the students will see food production, preparation, sourcing and consumption in a new light. With their help we would like to set a high bar for sustainable practice in food service. Our goal is to have well-fed students and to be proud of our food offering.


Speaking about our partnership, Eagle’s Founder, Kemi Atijosan, said: “Our vision is to work with Halcyon to create a truly exemplary food and education partnership where excellence, sustainability, inclusiveness and the welfare of students are at the heart of all we do. We want to demonstrate the impact that school food can have on community cohesion and to show how food can enhance so many aspects of school life.”

Thanks to Eagle’s expertise and passion, we are confident that the Halcyon community will thrive nutritionally and educationally.