SUE DANCE, Visual Arts Teacher

Sue’s aim is to encourage students to explore and discover the wide range of artworks in London and to understand how differently they have been expressed. 

She believes that these influences, together with their own creativity, stimulates students to find new ways of self-expression.

Sue is originally from South Africa and studied at Art College both in Durban and Johannesburg. She has had teaching experience in both South Africa and London, including as Head of Art, and has previously taught for many years at an IB World School in London.  

She has also done various art community projects with local schools in West London and was on the board of LIGCA (London International Gallery of Children’s Art), hosting an exhibition of children's work from South Africa and London.

Her deep interest in museums and galleries was recently fostered during her studies (with distinction) at Birkbeck, University of London, in World Arts and Artefacts.

Sue is a part-time artist, working with ceramics and printmaking in her studio and exhibiting frequently.